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Netzero & Juno dial 2222

By byteside ·
I have two people who are having problems with their dial up connections. One is using Netzero and the other Juno. Both have Nortan installed and up to date. Both have been scaned and cleaned of spyware. Both modems keep changing number to dial for outside line to 2222. Than every 5 to 10 seconds modem will auto dial 2222 and get recorded message "if you want to make a call....". Both can get connected to Internet if you have juno or netzero dial in between the auto dials. How do I stop this anoyance.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Netzero & Juno dial 2222

Well stopping the Auto Dialing is the easy part all you need do is go into the Modem control and untick the box that allows Auto Connection depending on OS it's slightly different to get to but you shouldn't have any problems finding it.

The altered Dial Up numbers are a different story though as you said you have scanned these 2 units with no results it gets hard from here on in as they are not really dialing up anything they just have junk appearing on the dial up number which is unusual.

If you scan again in Safe Mode and it's still clear I would try removing the programs doing a Reg Clean and reinstalling to see if that helps. Otherwise without knowing more of your individual situation it's impossible to answer any better.


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Netzero Attempting to Dial 2222

by thetryckster In reply to Netzero & Juno dial 2222

How did you resolve this problem for your Netzero customer? I have a user who is having the same problem.

The Windows XP "Dialup Networking" component is attempting to dial Netzero at 2222, instead of the Netzero dialer making the connection.

How did you fix it? Thanks!

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Netzero & Juno dial 2222 Recurring Question

by winn23 In reply to Netzero & Juno dial 2222

If you use Juno/Netzera Dial-up ISPServices
The Juno/Netzero dialup software replaces the 'Operating System' dialup' connection program with one of their own. All 'OS dialup' connection settings should be left blank, unchecked or (grayed out). Never use it to attempt a connection.
The Juno'Netzero ISP dialup software contains all the settings and phone numbers, etc that your dialup connection will use. For some reason Juno/Netzero do not explain that the 2222 is a dummy entry placed by their software. In fact, they seem to go out of their way to avoid identifying what it is when pressed for an explanation. However, if you are using their service this all seems harmless enough. Make sure that you have no auto-dialing set up in the OS dialup network settings. Always connect using the Juno/Netzero desktop icons, use their software to make your dial-up settings and you can ignore
the ""2222"" settings you see. This is not the result of spyware or trojan redirection etc.

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