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    Never fails…. But it did


    by ted.lucero ·

    I have a client w/ XP Pro VLK, we did a mobo, cpu replacement and ended up doing a 1st and then 2nd level repair to get it working again. The PROBLEM is now XP refuses to do any of the updates and I have accessed everything on Microsoft about it and gone thru the entire 8 pages and 10 methods to repair this problem but it still won’t update. I finally downloaded and manually installed 72 of 82 updates. However several of the updates are older Win2k updates and they just won’t install. Anybody got any ideas.
    Don’t say do a fresh reload as this has become a matter of principle w/ me…. Not the easy way out. Beside the data on here is easy to get it’s that most of the programs were downloaded and are not available any longer without a repurchase and that’s not an option here.
    So ideas (excluding C-4, large or small guns and a shovel and a hole) are welcome

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