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Never seen this before

By cpuboy456 ·
I just implemented a 5 site, fully meshed VPN.

All the hosts vary in OS, me,Win98, WinXP, Win2000.

The problem I am having is that none of the sites can stay connected to one of the hosts on the first site. Out of all the hosts on the VPN network (roughly 50) this is the only one that nobody can stay connected to.

This is exactly what is going on:
When the hosts try to connect via a mapped network drive or a browser to this certain host, they have no problems. LEts say they close the browser or the mapped network drive then they can't bring up this host. If they reboot they are able to connect again. If they leave the browser up or even minimized they stay connected, that goes for the mapped network drive also.

Now I have a Cisco 1721 Router Site1 Pix 501 on all additional sites. I have already talked to Cisco and they gave me suggestions but none worked. Also I don't think it is actually the Cisco hardware, but I could be wrong. Iam leaning towards this actual host. Since nobody is having problems with any other hosts, it's gotta be this particular host.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!!

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