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    New 2 the field


    by bwilkes82 ·

    I’ve spent most of my time as a PC Spt Tech, now I’m finishing up a B.S. in Internetwork; how do I get into the networking arena without getting in over my head?

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      An old question but

      by zlitocook ·

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      People still need to ask if they do not know. If you are already in a position to advance. Let your boss know you are trying to advance your career and are close to getting your degree in what ever. Ask if there is a position that you can take to learn the ropes. If you do not want to go that route, you have support experience already. Look to internal jobs listed and look at jobs posted but with just schooling in networking you may have to take a night job or a job as an assistant.
      Your best bet is to find mentor ether with in your own company or with another and learn from there. There are jobs that you can walk into but with out real world knowledge you could be walking into a bad job.

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        How can I put this?

        by bwilkes82 ·

        In reply to An old question but

        Here’s the scenario, the senior “IT” guy in my department is a programmer that thinks he’s God; he’s been here longer, so all of management believes whatever he says; there are only two positions, his and mine, advancement means out the door. I work for local county government in the office of an elected official, so I am separated from the true IT Dept. But, I did contact a guy last week in IT that trust to not back stab me and he told to purchase some Cisco 1721’s and a 2900 or 3500. I looked on ebay this morning and the prices weren’t to bad, I’m just trying to figure out what should be on a 1700, I trying to avoid getting a stripped down model and then have to buy a bunch of extra stuff. But I appreciate your advice. Thanks.

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      Start Here!

      by qreus1 ·

      In reply to New 2 the field

      Welcome to the world of computer internetworking/networking, while i’m not a network expert, I believe I can she a little light on start out in networking. If you are able to make a small investment, you can start off by getting your self a few pc and network devices (routers, switches)etc and setup your own small network. Along with the theories covered you can practice on you eq to simulate a real-life situation. You will feel more comfortable once you have had some hands-on. Also network with guys (girls too!) who are willing to be supportive and give real honest and accurate advice and directions. God speed buddy!

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