new Acer computer-can't connect to wireless network

By steffroby ·
I have a new Acer desktop computer with a wireless PC card I installed-it works correctly but can't connect to our network. All our other computers in the house can connect. I've called Acer, our internet service and Belkin (Wireless pc card). Any suggestions?

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I'm a little confused

by tintoman In reply to new Acer computer-can't c ...

No change there I admit, but you say this a new Acer laptop and yet it has a belkin wireless pc card installed? I would have thought a new Acer would atleast have an in built wireless lan facility.
Then you say it works correctly so I assume from that you are able to detect the network you want to connect to, and it would seem that you are familiar with setting up wireless devices since it sounds like you have several other computers connected.
Perhaps you could tell us what if any error messages you are getting, and whether you are saying that you have no internet access or are you having a problem connecting to other computers on your network?

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Acer computer reply

by steffroby In reply to I'm a little confused

It's a desktop and when I bought it online I thought it had a wireless lan already installed. (I looked at so many l thought the one I'd ordered had it) Anyway, I installed one and it works (the Belkin people showed me how to see if it was working) It shows all networks in the vicinity and my other computers in the house work fine. I'm just trying ot go online, not connect to other computers.

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by dlandmesser In reply to Acer computer reply

What happens when you try to connect to your wireless network? If it connects try opening your web browser. If that doesn't work and the other computers do, check to see if you have any security features turned on on the router. The problem could be many things. Need more info to troubleshoot. Might be MAC filtered.

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troubleshoot reply

by steffroby In reply to Troubleshoot

It just says "unable to connect for unknown reason". How do you check security features on router? Through the main computer? Also-we've gotten two other new compters since August and they didn't have any problem connecting to our modem/router (verizon broadband)

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Wireless should be the ONLY live port . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to troubleshoot reply

Make sure your Ethernet and Local Area connectors are disabled within 'Network Connections'.

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