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New Administrator In Need of Guidance

By jason-robertscott ·
I am a new network administrator running netware 4.11 SAA 2.2 I need to know form some experienced Netware Administrators what daily, weekly,monthly, and yearly maintenance do you perform on your netware servers.also how can i go about changing the administrator password on the server.

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novell admin password

by EricRyd In reply to New Administrator In Need ...

I'm not a novell admin, so I can't really say what your daily/weekly/monthly maintenance requirements will be. But in order to change an admin password you must go to the nwadmin.

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Novell Admin Password

by rivars In reply to novell admin password

This is going into nwadmin, find the admin object, and you can go into propeties to change the password..if you have admin rights. In order to change admin password, your rights must equal those of the admin object in NDS. There are ways around this..but it is something I will not post in a public forum.

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General Maintenance Principles

by melekali In reply to New Administrator In Need ...

I have worked Novell 3.1x several years ago and do Windows NT & 2000 now. There are general principles that you might want to consider.

- Establish a disaster recovery plan that includes a minimum of regular backups & a boot CD
- Update server and workstations regularly
- Automate antiviral software updates and push them to users machines
- Automate server and workstation defrags
- Learn your resources for all your hardware and software and visit the sites regularly to keep up on patches and updates

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New Administrator In Need of Guidance

by gibsonhl2001 In reply to New Administrator In Need ...

Beside keeping up to date on patches and backups be sure to watch your disk space, closely on the sys vol. Have another identical server to test your patches on I have had problems with some patches to the point they brought the server down hard. Netware is a very stable File and Print Server. When set up right make sure you keep and eye on the memory usage as well. One thing a lot of Admin's forget to do is run a test restore on their backup once a month at least once every two months.
Don't fall prey to only having 5 to 10 tapes for bakup. this only gives limited restore capablities. Always have a Monthly tape for each month so that is 12 right there, then a yearly tape that is seprate of the monthly tapes. What you do on a daily basis I have run into a lot arguement about but I prefer 1 weekly for 5 weeks and then 4 to 6 daily depending if you are a 7x24 shop or not.
This back up method has save my butt several time where using only 5 -10 tapes I would have lost my job.

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by vico In reply to New Administrator In Need ...

Get rid of Novell and migrate to Windows 2000 asap.

Novell sucks anyway.

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