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New AGP Card won't Work

By salmansalman419 ·

I have a Celeron 300MHz of 1998. Recently I bought an AGP Card to replace the one in it. But when I installed it, it won't work. I checked the AGP card. It is alright and works when installed in another system. I have no reason to suspect that the slot is bad. Then what could be the reason? Is my old AGP slot obselete and has to be upgraded ? Is it something like that? Do new AGP cards work with old AGP slots?

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by djent In reply to New AGP Card won't Work

AGP 1 cards are 3.3 volt and AGP 2 cards are 1.5 volt, the slots are different so you can't mix standards. The result would be smoke.

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by djent In reply to

The older slots are 3.3 volts, if you use a AGP2 card (1.5V) you will fry it. The newer slots are 1.5 volt, if you hse an AGP1 card (3.3V) you may fry the motherboard from over current draw. either way it won't work and you will probably fry something in the process. Get an AGP1 card for your MB.

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by TheChas In reply to New AGP Card won't Work

There can be a number of issues.

Some newer AGP cards do indeed require a newer AGP slot that supports 8X AGP.
The difference is that the older slots do not support the 3.3 volt power that newer cards require.

You may not have enough RAM for the new card.
Generally, you need to have twice the amount of video RAM installed as system RAM.
For a 64MB video card, you need to have at least 128MB of system RAM.

A common problem that I have run across is that the case design does not allow the AGP card to fully seat in the AGP socket.
AGP cards use an interleaved connector.
If the card is just a few 0.001" from being seated, the card will not function.

When I suspect that an AGP card is not fully seated, I remove the metal bracket from the card and see if it seats further into the socket.
If it does, I modify the metal bracket as needed.
Usually, all I need to do is file the video connector mounting holes a little.


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