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    New AMD K7 with Thunderbird800 processor


    by prottke ·

    New 64mb SDRAM 133; New ATI Rage Pro Turbo AGP; Maxtor 4gb HD with Win95 loaded moved from another system.
    Problem: constant beeping at power up. System will show video and go to Bios Setup of Bios but will blank out. Have unplugged all attached periferrals. What next ?

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      by greggh ·

      In reply to New AMD K7 with Thunderbird800 processor

      Depending on the motherboards, the constant beeping could be a one of two things. The simple one would be memory. I’ve notice ATX motherboards will not even show the BIOS if it doesn’t like the memory you placed in it. Try using (if you can get your hands on one) 100Mhz memory. The second choice would be the BIOS it self. This would be a little exteme though. Memory would be the first set. I had a problem with one motherboard which I installed the proper memory and it never displayed anything. Also go ahead and pull the processor. Your first task is to get that BIOS up and running, and you don’t need that processor for that. It’s all trial-by-error, and process of elimination. Find out want that motherboard doesn’t like. But I hate to say after that, it would all point to a bad BIOS. Hope this helps.

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      have you checked memory slot?

      by mry2k ·

      In reply to New AMD K7 with Thunderbird800 processor

      if you get a series of three beeps on boot and then a continuos beep on and off then check the memory slot tosee the ram is seated well if not try it in another memory slot
      good luck

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        Reseat your video card too!

        by paasch ·

        In reply to have you checked memory slot?

        It is probably memory, Video has memory try reseating the card.

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