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New and Lied To Already

By sommerville ·
After a disasterous break from a previous employer I found a new position with considerably more money, and accepted though I have not officially begun yet. Through some initial knowledge transfer I found out my new boss lied about one of the benefits options that apparantly everyone gets, but was not offered to me because he stated no-one gets it.

The question: how do I confront my new boss? Should I hold on to this info until my end of month report, and bring it up, or confront as soon as possible? Leaving is not an option due to financial and other implications I cannot state here.

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I suspose it all depends on just

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to New and Lied To Already

How important the benefit is. If it is something critical like medical insurance I would approach him straight away.

But it could also be that all new staff do not get certain benefits until they prove themselves and are taken on as full time workers remember as you have not as yet actually started when you do there will be a "Probation Period" where the employer sees if you are capable of doing the work and fitting in at that organization and for you to see if you like the place enough to actually stay there.

As you have not posted what you are actually complain about it is a bit hard to know on which side of the fence this so called benefit falls. If it is something like "Stock Options" I would forget about it until I was taken on full time and then broach the subject. In any business that you go to you can not expect to get all the perks of long term workers while you are still on the trial period. So overall I wouldn't say that you have been lied to but only told what you are entitled to while on trial.

Of course I could be wrong but it all depends on exactly what you think you are missing out on.


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No Trial Period Applies

by sommerville In reply to I suspose it all depends ...

There was no mention of probationary period for this benefit. The benefit was an annual bonus, and the more I think about it, the more I would have appreciated your supposition of a waiting period, or option based on performance points as outlined by my new firm.

But finding that those who will be reporting to me get them (most have been in employ less than 6 months), gives me the feeling that they do not think this position will be around that long.

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Well that puts things in a slightly different light

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No Trial Period Applies

As you will be managing people. But even still I've gone into places as the State Service Manager and always been on a trial period even though being "Headhunted" But I suspose you could be on such a good salary that you are expected to not need an annual bonus, while those under you are on regular payments so they qualify for the bonus based on performance.

I know I've been in these positions because of the salary that I was paid I was expected to work nearly 24/7 if necessary and never be allowed overtime or time off. The salary was so good that it was worth it and while the people under me got a performance bonus based on my opinions I might add.

Actually I wasn't trying to sound critical and as I plainly said I do not know all the facts I was just trying to make you see it from the other side of the coin. However if you would like to contact me through the Peer Directory with all the facts I'll answer what I can and how the situation strikes me as well. This being a public forum isn't really the place to mention company names or the like.


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Financial Bonus

by awfernald In reply to New and Lied To Already

Regardless of truth vs. lie....

The facts are:

1. You are making more money now than you did before.

2. You are in a new position of responsibility at a new employer.

Your options are:

a) complain to/confront your boss about his "lie" during the hiring process;

b) carry a grudge around because you are not going to be receiving a benefit that you were never promised, even though you are making more money now, have a new "lease" on life with a new position in a new company who accepted you despite a "disasterous break" with your previous company; or

c) Accept that you will not be receiving the bonus, consider the pay raise that you received as your new MONTHLY bonus for being an outstanding employee, put this behind you and have a great career without this baggage starting you off.

There are many possible reasons why you don't/won't receive an annual bonus.

It could be that you are in an exempt position, the people getting bonus are non-exempt. Your salary could already include the bonus. HR could have implemented a policy denoting that bonuses cannot be promised or implied during the hiring process. HR could have implemented a "no bonus" policy.

In summary, I believe that you accepted a position based upon a set amount of money that you would receive each year, and a certain amount of benefits. I believe that it is wrong of you to be complaining about NOT receiving a benefit that was specifically denied during the recruiting/hiring process, regardless of what "everyone else seems to get".

You have already called your new boss a liar (though not to his face, you now have those feelings running around in your head), and I predict that unless you forget this 'issue' and move on in life, you are going to have a miserable (and short) time at this new company.

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Made your bed, "lie" in it

by dafe2 In reply to Financial Bonus

Lucky you said it, my answers where:

1- Made your bed, "lie" in it.
2- Suck it up & confront the "perceived" issue

Frankly, It was a toss up till I read your post. Good eye & very well said.

Option 1 it is!

I think somebody's messing with him/her anyway.

Doesn't matter, though, I've never paid for a car, found out my neighbour got the same car for $5000.00 five days later, and got the dealer to give me $5000.00 dollars back.

Deals a deal where I come from too!

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BINGO!! Awfernald, well said...

by TomSal In reply to Financial Bonus

..I couldn't have explained it better.

I say he/she should just move on and forget the bonus thing. Dude...I know it sucks..but for several YEARS now I've not had a bonus and I'll tell you I make a lot less than 6 figures which I'm betting a "CIO" (as listed according to your TR post) is getting paid.

Plus I'm on call constantly, no OT, plus when I'm not the jack of all trades - IT, I'm the copier repair guy, the inventory control specialist, the billing assistant, the locksmith, the security camera service man, the technical writer, the company trainer, etc.

Count your blessings...(especially in this economy).

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If it wasn't in the letter of offer

by JamesRL In reply to New and Lied To Already

And you signed - you are out of luck.

If you attack this now, you look like all you care about is compensation.

If you wait until you have established a track record - have a great annual review - I would bring it up then. Ask about the bonus plan - sound innocent - see what plays out.

Times are tough out there, I can see where some companies might cut back on bonus plans but have it affect only new hires.


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Thanks James

by sommerville In reply to If it wasn't in the lette ...

While I appreciate that others believe I am complaining needlessly, it is not the benefit but the fact they felt it necessary to lie when they knew I would find out as soon as I did my first employee review. Even if all of the things everyone else has applied (salary so high its not necessary - not really), and it may be a new policy (??), what still lingers is the thought that they were not honest with me at this stage.

You suggested review time would be the best time to bring it up - I will go with that. In the meantime it will be weighing on my mind heavily. Where I live we have the worst reputation with employee relations, and grievence cases are almost the norm rather than the exception. I do not want to have to think about that, but will keep my eyes open for other strange behavior.

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Just ask.

by mrafrohead In reply to New and Lied To Already

If you have a ? the best thing to do is ask. Don't be confrontational, but be inquisitive.

Maybe it's a change in policy and you are the first unlucky person to get it.

If you are unhappy with your answer that you get, start looking elsewhere...


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