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new apple

By rob_serve ·
im sure youve all heard about the apple g4 sub $500. what are your thoughts on the subject, do you think it will sell well or simply serve to push the higher priced macs out of the market.. .cheers

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where do I sign up

by coneill In reply to new apple

The "switch" campaign worked to convert my home PC from WinTel to the G5. While not nirvana, it is a better place than XP land.
I'll add a sub $500 small laptop just so I can have something inexpensive to surf with, travel with, and to remote to the G5. It would never be a substiture for the G5 tower. If tablet PC's were cheaper it would be a harder decision.

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Dangerous: Depending

by AutomationGuy In reply to where do I sign up

I have been a PC guy forever but just lately have been dabbling a bit with my wife's Mac. I like the fact that things just seem to work as advertised. I'm still not convinced that I would be willing to make the switch yet, but it is becoming more of a thought. Of course, I am basing this opinion off of the experience that I've been having with an iBook G4 and OS X 10.3 (I think). I know that isn't the latest and greatest of the Mac offering, but it is no slouch either. If a new comer such as myself decides that the $500.00 price tag is small enough to give the Mac a trial run and then discovers inferior performance as compared to the old PC (A.K.A. Old Faithful), that switch will be short lived and the word of the bad apple experience will get around among the PC ranks quickly. On the other hand, if that little $500.00 job works as well as the iBook that I've been playing with lately, there may be hope for wide spread Mac acceptance afterall.

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guessing entirely

by pappadeizel In reply to new apple

My guess is that it most certainly WILL sell well.
If it is an inferior product though or if it isn't as advertised, it will hurt apple in the long run. As far as hurting sales of the more expensive macs goes, well that will depend on whether or not there is a significant difference in the product wont it?

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