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    New Belkin router = 2 new problems


    by techmaster ·

    Our Linksys Wireless G router recently became flaky so I replaced it with a new Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO (model F5D9230-4). I’ve become aware of two problems since installing the new Belkin router:

    PROBLEM 1:

    We have 3 PCs on the wired network connected to the router, but they can no longer access each others’ shares. Two are Win XP Pro SP2 and one is Vista. Otherwise each PC connects to the Internet via the router just fine,

    When I view the Belkin Router Setup LAN > DHCP Client List, it will sometimes show one or two of the PCs on the wired network, but is never consistent about what it shows.

    PROBLEM 2:

    We now momentarily lose our broadband cable internet connection at least once about every 30 to 60 minutes or so. Internet access will be fine for about an hour, and then suddenly the connection will drop for several seconds, and then automatically come back again.

    If you’re browsing when this happens, you’ll suddenly get a “server/page not found” error.

    If you’re streaming internet radio, the music will suddenly stop, obliging you to manually reconnect again.

    We never had these problems with our old router. Suggestions?


    — Walt

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      by techmaster ·

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      by dazeboy79 ·

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      Sounds like it could be a DHCP Server conflict. Do you have another firewall or router on your setup which could also be giving out DHCP addresses? Have you looked at your network card settings for timeouts? and/or your browsers? is this happening on all machines the same way? Seems like there may be an IP conflict. Sorry if my rambling on here isn’t helpful, but I didn’t see anyone else here helping. Have you changed anything on your domain name server? Keep me posted.

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        Problem solved. Thanks for the reply!

        by techmaster ·

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        Thank you for the suggestions. After first a call to Belkin (who told me they don’t support file sharing issues), I spent over an hour on the phone with a Microsoft tech & MS Easy Support and finally determined that it was McAfee AV Firewall on the problem PC causing the issue. I’ve turned off the McAfee FW and turned on the Windows FW until I can figure this out. Why McAfee AV suddenly pulled this stunt I don’t know.

        …it’s always somethin’…

        — Walt

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