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New Boss, New Rules, Old Techs

By Cindy - Extraordinary Brat ·
I'm asking for advice, not just opinions. We have a new IT manager in our little 4 person IT department, and his new management style is strictly a dictatorship. Having gone from no IT manager to a drill sergeant has caused all 4 of us to begin job hunts, instead of learning and accepting his new style. I have been the only one that has gone above his chain of command and spoken to the 'big boss' above him, and I'm the only woman in my department. Now, assuming I don't look like a "whiney girl", is it possible to have a civil discussion to figure out his motives, and is there any advise on bad bosses here that I could use? I'm all for teamwork and can be easily motivated, but waiting on the big boss to do anything about our troubles in our little department isn't working. I'm impatient, and am ready to head this problem on - full speed - to get back to work, so to speak. As it stands, the rest of the crew, and possibly myself included, are just going to bolt, and leave him sitting alone. Which may, or may not, prove any points at all. Any advice?

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Show a unified front - all 4 staff members

by JimHM In reply to New Boss, New Rules, Old ...

OK - Sticky world that you all have been dumped into.

First some questions:
1) Does this new manager, have friends in high places at your company.
2) Was he promoted from another department within the company? (who's his friends how high up)
3) What does his upper management support look like, are they going to protect their boy at all costs.

You have to find his power source - once that is done then you need your plan. If he has a powerful power base that is backing him then it is
time to run don't walk to the closes Exit. You will never win.

If the power base is normal - then I would establish a meeting with the 4 staff members and the new manager. Present your findings to him, lay it on the line with him. (Don't play the over the head card yet.)But why he doesn't trust the employees - what is he looking from from you the employee - what can you do to help him - and the negatives Dictatorship - stuff. Don't let any heat raise up - must be kept cool

If you don't see any changes - then schedule a meeting request with his manager. Carbon him on the meeting invite - but don't invite him. Present to his manager all your "DOCUMENT" Facts - problems, extended service times, network outages, why and solutions that he wouldn't permit you to implement. If no action - try the next level ... if nothing is doene at each level - well then - Good luck on a new job...

Don't go into the upper management meetings with conjectors "He;s a dictator, he doesn't liston to his staff" type of stuff - you mite as well take a gun out and shoot yourself in the head...

Good Luck - Does he Read Techrepublic>>

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He has no power source

He's new, no power source, only one boss above him in this state (Texas), and he's a newbie. He was recruited from another company, with only 2 years of civilian work before this job. Retired from the Army, and apparently thinks we should be spoken to like privates, not seasoned officers. We work on an Army base, but we are all civilian contractors. So, no power source. I will try to schedule that meeting and see if some civil brainstorming can be accomplished. Although, with his attitude, he's most likely see this as a wrench in his power-trip wheel, and nix it before it begins. At least that's my prediction. I will try that "lay it on the line" approach as you suggested. Wish me luck.

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Ah you found the problem - XArmy Officer

by JimHM In reply to He has no power source

He is use to people following his orders blindly without question. I worked for one that wanted to be called Captain (X-Navy). I always called him Bob or Robert.

When the team had a sit down - it was explain that for him to get our respect he need to show us respect. And that in the Civilian world is different than the military where respect came with the "Gold and Scrambled eggs" he had to earn it. We asked what he was looking for - and we told him what we didn't like about his management style.

Things didn't change after that he continued with the military style leadership ... we went to the next step of his boss - then on to the HR department. At the end of the meeting when the 5 of us all said "Correct the problem or we are all gone." - HR sent him to a number of management classes (did no good) - they moved him to another department - and when 10 people requested transfers or quit - they dismissed him..

It's a long process and you have to stick to your guns as a group - not as individuals ... and speak with a single unifide voice otherwise it will fail ..

Good luck - x-Military managers sometimes are the worse ..

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Bad bosses

by Oldefar In reply to New Boss, New Rules, Old ...

In the near term you have only two options - he goes or you go. People do not change quickly, and certainly not while under attack.

Now if you are willing to make him a long term project, keep in mind that his style is deeply rooted in his sense of knowledge, security, and prestige. Every move towards a better management style has to come by increasing these in his perception.

One approach to victory may be surrender. If this boss is off base on his decisions, by following all of his orders the department will fail to meet the expectation of his management. This makes his approach the instrument of his demise. If his decisions are correct, simply abrasive, then this approach won't work.

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by Oldefar In reply to Bad bosses

I have been out of the service for more than 20 years, but even then this approach to management was no longer considered effective in the USAF. If you are all servicemen, then by all means push the matter up to your superiors and over to the IG as well.

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Not willing to gyp my users

by Cindy - Extraordinary Brat In reply to Bad bosses

I'm soooo not willing to give less than superior support to my users. It would feel like petting a cat in the wrong direction. I've taken the womanly route thus far, and simply have tracked and backed up all data that points to the problems directly, and have considered audio taping some of his rants, but it all feels sneaky, out of character for me. I want to simply make him stop, but gluing his lips together is a tad illegal.

Long term project? I wouldn't dream of giving him a foot upward by teaching him the management style and leadership skills he needs to succeed in this office. I am more apt to steal his job instead.. which may be my way out of this mess after all is said and done. I hope he doesn't make too much a mess of it first. I hate cleaning up after people.

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