New branch office, add to existing Windows server 2003 AD domain or not?

By estacy ·
I'm setting up a new branch office, which is technically a different company owned by the company I work. I was wondering what the general consensus was regarding adding them to our 2003 Active Directory domain. Should I create a totally separate AD domain or a sub-domain or what?
Here's the situation:
The HQ location current AD domain, we'll call this location WC1.
The branch office nothing currently, we'll call that location EC1.
We also have another location not part of the AD domain, separate workgroup and we'll call it WC2.
The branch office will also have a server at WC2 but won't be part of the workgroup currently there and we ll call this WC3
WC1 & WC2 are connected via a Point to Point Private Network.
WC3 and EC1 will be connected via PIX-PIX VPN.
EC1 will be providing authentication and file & print sharing.

Ultimately we would like all shared files to be replicated from EC1 to WC3. The only catch is the T1 circuit isn't connected yet and won't be for about 2 weeks. EC1 location starts in 4 days.
WC1 will need access to all for remote administration.
EC1 will only need access to WC3 and vice-versa.
WC2 security is almost entirely locked down via the PIX (only the bare minimum access is allowed a few ports)

The current plan is creating separate domain for EC1 and WC3.
What trust relationships would I need to be setup to prevent any problems? Or if anyone sees any problems I may run into or has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

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