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New breed of Ads on TR

By Shellbot ·
Ok..todays add on the right side features a male and female staring into each others eyes..with large font saying KAMASUTRA.

Now, as my boss walks by I'm thinking this is not such a good thing... yesterday it was Mate1, a dating agency..that was bad enough..

Now its changed to IBM..much better.. is anyone else getting funky adds which is potentially going to have a negative effect on thier access to TR?

I'm actually surprised those aren't being blocked by our filters..

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by melias In reply to New breed of Ads on TR

I'm guessing teen or pre-teen site. C'mon, you gotta be kidding me. And I'm in a cube with 4' walls! I'm with you 'bot, this could easily be misconstrued by my manager.

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I tried that thing once

by Slayer_ In reply to IMVU?

Completely stupid and pointless.

Weird emotes on it as well, it kept thinking I was the girl and the G.I.R.L. I was talking to was being treated as the guy, so example, at one point she picked up my character and walked around with me.

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Hah! One just got filtered

by melias In reply to New breed of Ads on TR

Just as I posted a reply, an add was blocked. Gotta love it!

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by Shellbot In reply to Hah! One just got filter ...

must have been hard core.. :)

I've got a Viagra one now..
I know they bring in money for TR..and thats cool..but if my boss wasn't so laid back, I'd actually have to stop using TR during work hours "just in case"..

I got a viagra one up now..i'm almost tempted to click it, just out of curiositys sake, but I won't cause I reckon I'll get a page with big red letters saying "this site has been blocked for...."


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Curiosity killed the...

by melias In reply to Wow.

Nice Avatar. :)

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by Shellbot In reply to Curiosity killed the...

thanks..only changed it back to that one, hadn't used it ages.

its my kitty Levi..he's a bit "special" and not in the good way if ye know what i mean

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I get this on a lot of ads

by jck In reply to Wow.

Response denied by WatchGuard HTTP proxy.
Reason: header-line too large line='Set-Cookie: ...
Method: GET
Path: ...

I guess I'm lucky like that.

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This topic came up right after The Gathering

by jdclyde In reply to New breed of Ads on TR

and it seems since techs wanna get busy, dating sites and viagra go together and are suppose to be good matches for the people that come to TR.

I am still waiting for the first dating site that gives out a weaks supply of viagra when you sign up....... ;\

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"If you have an erection longer than four hours.....

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to This topic came up right ...

...give us a call, and we'll send you out a second date."


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You probably don't know why I'm laughing

by neilb@uk In reply to This topic came up right ...

"weaks" supply of Viagra. That is funny to this pedant.


I do like malapropisms.

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