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    New Building – What is your Dream network setup?


    by serverjockey ·

    Well, our new 7 story building is ready to be wired up – I’m trying not to miss anything in the physical wiring and overall setup of wiring closets/server room. What types of things should I look out for?

    I have to plan for data, security camera’s, card readers for the doors and a new IP phone system! Decide on Cat5e or Cat6 – not sure if Cat5e will be able to handle a new IP system, etc.

    As it stands, there are wiring closets on each floor that are nice sized, cooled and lighted with ground bars installed when the electrical was put in.

    The first floor closet is where the phone co put the demarc and eventually there will be t1’s coming in there. I am thinking of putting two Cat6a cables to extend the demarc to either the closet on the 7th floor or on to the server room which is only about another 50 feet away.

    Another thing I’m pondering is whether I want all the phone/data connections in the closet or in the server room. In the closet I could do a wall rack and try to fit everything in there or I could take it all to the server room and put it all on a floor rack along with all of the switches/routers, etc.

    What would you do? Benefits/disadvantages? Any help/thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated.

    One other thing I have to figure out is how to maintain our current network and keep it operational while I get this new network up and running so we can transition slowly into the new building, etc. I’ve got to physically move the server room but keep everyone connected, etc.

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      If it were me, i would split the servers ….

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

      In reply to New Building – What is your Dream network setup?

      Split the servers to each room that you have (if possible) so if you have a cooling problem you will have the extra servers to pick up the slack. Depending on what you are putting in etc, the cabling you need to update yourself on.

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