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New Client problems with XP & 98

By sheck ·
I work for a small poor school district in the state of Pennsylvania and recently had a company come in to evaluate my network system, their determination was with several abends and retransmitted packets maybe that was. I started at the Server and discovered that my NIC card was loaded with the wrong driver, I loaded the correct driver and along the way I messed something else up. On the newer computers that had the most recent clients loaded on their computers I had to remove them and install older versions and everything seemed to work OK, but now I have noticed it looks like with I view novell connections through the manager that they are logging on as "IPX" no "IP". I had to jump through hoops to get my wireless laptop to see a printer. What is the main difference between the older clients like 4.83 and 4.9 for XP. I have this problem with XP and 98 machines and I am using Novell 6.0

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by bruce In reply to New Client problems with ...

You didn't say if your network is pure IP or IPX or both. NW 6 runs in a pure IP environment quite well (it does support IPX if you need it). What are you binding in your autoexec.ncf or in Inetcfg?

You should be using Client 3.4 for you Win 9x machines and Client 4.9 SP1a for your NT/2000/XP machines.

The 9x client is the atest and last client Novell will release. 4.9sp1a is a recent release and has solved a number of issues. See

for details.

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by sheck In reply to

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by pgm554 In reply to New Client problems with ...

Since the district is poor, I would recommend getting a hold of the intermediate unit in your county. If you work through them, the powers at the school board would maybe be a bit more willing to part with funding.

I worked as a consultant for the IU of Allegheny County and set up quite a few school districts with Novell.
Bringing in somebody with a very good understanding of Novell and setting things up right, might be your best solution.

If I were still back in PA., I would be willing to help out, but I moved away to San Fran last year because of the miserable economics of the area. (Tell your Congressman that instead of worrying about Howard Stern, do something about the pitiful economic conditions of the state, so that educated high tech workers don?t continue to leave for greener pastures).I have sent Rep Murtha quite a few emails as to the ?WONDERFUL? job the politicians are doing.

As for your problems, you need to make sure that IP is bound to the NIC card , at the file server console type config then hit enter, you should see what is protocol is bound to the card. If IP is bound, then the next issue would be to make sure that in the Novell client properties, make sure that in the protocol preferences tab, that IP is the preferred protocol.

If you have multiple subnets or are crossing a router make sure you have a DA setup and that the Novell clients are pointed to see the DA .Go to Novell client properties, service location and put in the IP address of the file server that loads the DA and add it.

Concerning the wireless router, most cheap wireless routers do not support IPX as a method of talking to clients ,only IP.So if you have a Netgear ,Linksys or whatever ($99 and below),you must use IP only. And if you do use SLP (DA), do not use the DHCP services on those routers, they cannot do SLP.You must use the Novell DHCP or configure the clients statically to include the DA.

Good Luck

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by sheck In reply to

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This was the best answer I recieved thank you very much

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by Duster52 In reply to New Client problems with ...

Correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I am guessing...

Either the orginal NIC driver had IP and IPX bound to it. When you loaded the correct NIC, you only bound IPX to it....

Or...when you loaded the correct NIC, you put the wrong IP configuration on it (address, gateway, mask).

The clients were all set up to talk IP, and when the server was changed, they could no longer talk...but putting them back to an older client re-enabled IPX on them and now they talk to the server.

This is what I suggest:
1. Type config at the console prompt and see what is actually loaded on the NIC. If IP is not bound to the NIC, then check to make sure the syntax in the autoexec.ncf is correct. If INETCFG was used, you will have to go into that and make sure it is set correctly (but I personally don't like using INETCFG to configure the NICs).

2. Once the server is correctly configured with IP, take one workstation and re-install the newest client with IP. See if you can connect. If you can, then try another machine...and another...and another...

3. If you still have a problem, look at the SLP settings on the server. There are many TIDs on to help you configure this. The reason this needs to be set is the difference between the way IPX and IP broadcast their services.

Hope this gives you a place to start.

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by sheck In reply to

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by sheck In reply to New Client problems with ...

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