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    New Clients


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    Hi recently I’ve taken on a new client who has a W2K3 – W2K AD network…

    The current infrastructure is a real mess! and there is no info on how the servers etc are configured.

    Any suggestions on analysis tools to check and compile a full report of the network servers/computers that will highlight critical issues?
    I’ve already started with Microsoft’s best practices analysers, but I’m guessing that a complete scan of everything IT would reveal some urgent issues…

    Just wondering what others might use when taking on a medium sized client..


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      None that I’m aware of

      by oh smeg ·

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      You’ll just have to be like the rest of us Suck it and See what happens. I know it’s painful and time consuming but it’s a fact of Life unfortunately.


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      try this on

      by ajaxnii ·

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      I would try using
      It has network monitoring and will grap all the pcs, servers, printers, networking gear, and phones and telol you alot of info you will need. IE….patches needed, drive space, uptime, error logs, etc. you can set it to do net reports and every thing. BEST OF ALL ITS FREE!!!!!!

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