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New company problems

By Darren_J ·
I'm just in the process of starting a Consultancy company specializing in CMMS Implementations. I really need some advice on Company Branding and graphic creation. Why can't I find a company that performs these service without charging 2 years salary.

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You get what you pay for...

by dgiacome In reply to New company problems

These services are specialized... you want someone to generate branding, marketing, collateral, in a short time frame, while not being a perm. employee, and for a cheap price... guess what... that firm doesn't exists.

You get what you pay for, and I'd throw up a yellow flag on any company that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for technical branding (its tough... period!).

I was hired to be a solutions architect for a well known form, and my job is to also create collateral, enhance our image, contribute to branding and marketing strategy... its tough, I'm not gonna lie... but YOU know your business, YOU are responsible for what goes on the paper. I dont' know about YOU, but I would want to be in control of that collateral and strategy.

The easy way out is to get a graphical shop to generate a graphical image for your branding... and have a tech/business writer help you with your materials. Split it up, send it out if you want... it will be cheaper, but you're still gonna hevto do your OWN job... this is your job damnit! Either that, or HIRE someone (like me).

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