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New Computer Building Guide?

By mikeadams1137 ·
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It's about that time...been forward deployed with the Navy for 3 years currently heading home, and waiting for Black Friday / Cyber Monday to do some massive PC shopping. I've decided to build my own computer, as opposed to open purchasing one to get back into the swing of hardware. I've not built a PC since the days of the unlocked AMD 2500+ Barton processor and 200 FSB. :) Despite all the reading, I am looking for some good information...I couldn't find a specific guide here, but if anyone has a link or recommendations. It will be a gaming computer and it needs to run the newest games at High or better. Your assistance appreciated TR community.

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Not much to it

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to New Computer Building Gui ...

Start off choosing the type of CPU you want to use then select a suitable CPU for your Needs then a M'Board that suits that CPU then RAM to suit your Needs a OS to suit the amount of installed RAM and so on.

Personally despite what some others may say I personally Prefer Intel CPU's and Chip Set M'Boards. They might be slightly more expensive though I don't personally see it but they are far less subject to Incompatibilities that the nVidia Chip Set M'Boards are.

So for a High End Gaming Rig I would chose a i7 CPU, a Gigabyte M'Board

Depending on the Game Types you plan on using maybe 16 GIG of Corsair RAM in 1 X 16 GIG Kit

A suitable 64 Bit OS which owing to the games tends to be some form of Windows I suppose.

A SATA Optical Drive maybe a Blueray Burner I personally prefer the Sony ones but that's just me any should be OK.

For HDD I prefer Seagate but owing the the Floods in Thailand they may be in short supply when you are ready to buy any so Samsung seem to work quite well and don't have the failures that WD Drives or Hitachi Drives have.

I personally Love Antec Cases and Power Supplies which are just simple to use no sharp edges to cut you and ready for Liquid Cooling if you want to go that path. Not to mention all but Tooless with most of them.

Just a word of warning here the Skeleton may look "Different" and may encourage some to want to use one but they are not the easiest things to change things on if you plan of making numerous changes over the life of the system and may lack the ability to stuff enough bits into it.

If you want to go the AMD Route maybe a one of the FX Processors

a Gigabyte M'Board like this

The Same RAM as suggested above well more or less everything else as suggested above.

The only thing I have left out is a Video Card as these are very much personal Preference and if you are not using a Intel Chip Set M'Board you need to be very careful choosing something suitable and this all depends on the M'Board Chip Set. Si if you have a Intel Chip Set any Video Card is likely to work provided it's one of the High End Types, but with nVidia Chip Set M'Boards I would stick with nVidia Chip Set Video Cards and ATI Chip Set M'Boards which are the new standard for AMD CPU's because AMD make them for their CPU's I would use one of the High End ATI Video Cards

So a chip Set like this for nVidia

and one like this for ATI

Though you can use any Makers Video Card I find that the Gigabyte ones have been more reliable for me and my customers.


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A Few Good Resources

by tkelley3 In reply to New Computer Building Gui ...

Since you've built a system before, making good choices of hardware that has been tested for compatibility and that fits your budget is the next step. Since you want a high performance gaming system, the first component to decide upon would be the processor. I'd suggest considering the Intel Core i7-2600K or the Core i5-2500K processor -

Some good places for hardware compatibility -,3053.html

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