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New computer will not recognize hard drive but old pc will

By jkiron ·
Ok so I just got a new pc kit that is a 3.33 ghz with a gig of ram on it, I got everything installed correctly and went to boot up the pc and it just went black and shut down after it got past the bios load up screen... I will not load my previous installation of windows, but when I take this same hd(80 gig) and put it into my old desktop pc it works fine... Ok here is the kicker I have an older 45gig hd which will boot just fine in the new pc and the old pc with the same setup. any ideas how I can get the 80 gig hd to boot in the new pc... btw the 80 gig hd has a working copy of xp on it... yes all the connections are secure and the jumpers are set correctly, as well as all of the bios settings are correct.. Im at my wits end on this problem any help would be great.

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Only thing that I can think of here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to New computer will not rec ...

Is that the M'Board is overriding the Jumper settings on the IDE LEAD and demoting the HDD to a slave as someone else asked a question the other day why he had to have both HDD set to Master on the one IDE Chanel to work.

Apparently in that case it depended where on the IDE Cable the drive was as to how it was addressed. If you try changing every drive on that IDE Lead to Master and see what happens. It might even work.

I heard of this a long time ago but wasn't aware that anything had been done about it as the SATA Drives came out after and I thought that all the development had been stopped on this. But maybe not.


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every other drive i use works

by jkiron In reply to Only thing that I can thi ...

the funny thing is that every other hd I try with the same settings will work... its just this western digital drive that is not working on this new install

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It could have something to do with the fact that it's a

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to every other drive i use w ...

New drive. I'm not sure but as there have been a couple of instances now where the Jumpering of a HDD adversely impacts on the way that some hardware works you may be stuck with setting everything to Master and placing the real Master on the end of the lead and the Slave on the middle connection.
It's hard to answer a question when what's happening shouldn't be but is and when the thing is setup correctly fails to work.


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