new computer won't boot

By sedory ·
I've got a really big problem with my new system. To tell the full truth tho, when i first installed it i forgot the spacers behind the mobo cause i was in a rush...stupid mistake, my mobo started smoking and i just sent it back and got another one. I have another problem now, when i turn on the computer the psu starts up and the cpu and gpu fans start to spin once and then stop and 5 seconds later they start up again for a split second and then the system shuts off and a few seconds later restarts and does the same thing over and over. I've tested different video cards and different memory sticks (some with 1.8v) and i've tried booting with only the memory,cpu and gpu hooked up...the same thing happens every time, i am so lost, all i can think of is that either i got another bad motherboard or my cpu is fried but it looks perfect when i inspect it very closely. please help me

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We really need the full system spec first...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to new computer won't boot

Otherwise it'll be question and answer for days, which won't help you at all.

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It sounds like a short

by The Scummy One In reply to new computer won't boot

try re-installing the MB, make sure it is set properly.
If it still happens, try another PSU and see if it happens with that one.

Another thought would be the switch on the case. If the original MB fried, it may have damaged the switch. To test this, I keep a $5.00 switch around that I picked up at radio shack several years ago. Plug it in and test it.

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i've tried it all here are the specs

by sedory In reply to It sounds like a short

I tried to get it running outside of the case as well and the same thing happened however i still used the switch from the case, think i should try just starting it by touching the pins with a screwdriver? i have also tried a different psu and same thing happened. I hope its a short cause that would be the easiest things to fix. My specs are : q6600 quad core, Gigabyte ga-p35-s3l mobo, nvidia geforce 8800 gts, 2x 2gig Geil memory pc2 6400

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so heres the deal

by sedory In reply to i've tried it all here ar ...

alright, i finally begged my boss to let me take a pentium
dual core out of a computer we have here and test it in my
system and what do you know...it worked and posted
right away. SO i guess it was the CPU...the last thing that i
thought it would be, i tried my cpu one more time to
make sure and it did the same restart it had been doing.
I'm half glad i figured it out and pissed that im gonna
have to wait another week and a half to get another
processor back. thanks for taking a look at my question

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