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New Computer wont see network.

By sholmes ·
At my work we are using a Novell 4.2 server as our file and print server and a winNT 4.0 server to run out exchange. I had set up a new computer for a user in my tech room. Connected to the network just fine and even loged in as the user. When i went to install the computer at the users station, who already had a computer up and connected to the network, it would not see the network. Both computers are using win95 OSR2, Novell client32 ver 3.3, and 3com NICs. The NIC in the new computer is integrated and the one in the old computer is a PCI card. I tried hooking the computer up to a different line that was going to the same HUB with the same results. I checked both lines and they are ok. Then HUB is a 16port Kingston(i am not sure whitch modle), that did have a red LED on it indicating there was a line partitioned. I am not too clear on what that means but i am also not too clear why the current PC in place can see the network and the new PC can not. I have yet to test the line from that HUB to the switch that it is connected to. Any input on why one PC works and the other doesnt and some possible causes would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help.

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network hardware trouble

by Infra_HDC In reply to New Computer wont see net ...

Try this:

1. Check new NIC settings. For Example, if you network is a 10Base-T, and NIC have 100Base-T setting, then it will not work

2. Test network hardware and link by utility on the EtherDisk for you 3COM NIC.

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I have the solution, easy fix.

by Rocko Da Pimp In reply to New Computer wont see net ...

I work for GE/GXS and have 135 NT4.0 machines with Novell on them as well. Getting them to see the network was kind of a trick to the trade and knowing TCP/IP protocols and WINS.
If you need me to walk you through it,
There are a lot of steps to configuring the network properties so have the machine ready in front of you.
Name: Angel Rivera
Occupation: PC Technician For GE Global Exchange Services.
Or Email:
8-5pm m-f

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Sometimes it's simple

by brucegyl In reply to New Computer wont see net ...

Is the computer name in Network properties the same as the old one? WINS and DHCP (WinNT) use the NIC hardware address to resolve names. I am not acquainted with Novel but this could be the problem. Your servers may be 'confused' about where the new machine is on the network. Hope this helps. Do follow the advice of the other respondents if this isn't the solution.

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Hardware or Software?

by tjbaden In reply to Sometimes it's simple

If the new desktop worked fine "on the bench" and the old desktop worked fine on the client's desk, then it probably is not a hardware problem. Do you have different LAN segments (logical, not physical) for your workroom than the client desk? I would look at the network configuration very carefully. Valid IP address? Valid subnet mask? Valid frame type for IPX? Valid NetBIOS name? Valid gateway address (if on seperate segment)?

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