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New computer won't start anymore

By JohnnyKnodoff ·
I had a computer built a month ago. Everything was running fine, no viruses were found and I checked for them every few hours and was taking the best care of it I possibly could. I was playing a game when the computer shut off and kept trying to reboot itself with no success. I tried to start in safemode or do a bios setup but it would restart in these menus. I checked all wall connections , wires , and connections inside the case. Several hours later it allowed me to startup , ran a windows repair and said nothing was repaired. It ran fine for a while, then while playing a game it did it again. Now it won't stay on more than 5 seconds and won't restart itself it just powers off. Please help me! It is windows 7 hole premium Asus p7p55d le intel motherboard i5-750 2.66 ghz, 2 gigs ram, zotac nvidia 9800gt 1gb ddr3, 500gb sata II hard drive

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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Sounds like a temperature problem

by jimmy-jam In reply to New computer won't start ...

all the fans running?

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Sounds heat related

by IC-IT In reply to New computer won't start ...

Go into the BIOS and check the Health section (usually under advanced or by itself).
There you may check the temperatures to see if it is overheating.

Verify that all the fans are operational.

If you see the CPU temp. raising to high, remove (or have the builder) remove the heatsink, clean it and reapply a thin layer of thermal paste.

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Well I'm going to be a lot different to the other suggestions here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to New computer won't start ...

As this is a Desktop unit I would say replace the Power Supply. All of the described Gumptions can be a PS with failing Capacitors.

As this is so new I would be getting in contact with it's Maker for a correction of the issues being experienced here.

As a Test However let it shut down then unplug the Main Lead for at least 30 seconds then Push the Power On Button to discharge all of the internal Capacitors. When the LED on the Front Panel goes out plug the mains lead back in and try starting it now. If it starts normally the PS is defiantly gone and needs replacing.

You should turn off immediately and return the unit to it's maker for repairs before more damage is done that you may be responsible for.


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bad psu?

by Snuffy09 In reply to New computer won't start ...

also whats the wattage of the psu?

the graphics card you noted requires at least 400 watt psu so you should be using at least 500-550. Maybe you already are and its just going bad...

and of course when you get this all fixed make sure you have you computer plugged into a decent surge protector.... not just a power strip.

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