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New Custom PC won't boot

By jasen9506 ·
I recently built a system that worked fine during software installation, but in it's first night of running crashed for no apparent reason and will not reboot. Nothing on the monitor, and keyboard and mouse do not respond. The system specs are:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-7NF-RZ
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2700+
RAM: Kingston Hyper-X PC2700
Video: ATI Radeon 9200
HD Maxtor 60 GB
Power Supply: 350 Watt

I did notice that the motherboard documentation says it's only intended for 2.5 V RAM, while the Kingston Hyper-X PC2700 is rated at 2.6 V. Also, it did appear that the programs were running too slowly for a fresh system. Task manager did not indicate that the CPU was being overworked at all.
Any ideas?

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by dustyD In reply to New Custom PC won't boot

Initially I would suspect the board. Do you get any beeps at all? Lights on board?

Remove all except video and try to boot again. If it responds, add memory, and CPU.

Did you use heatsink/fan for the CPU?

Is the PS a bargain basement?

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by jasen9506 In reply to New Custom PC won't boot

I used the heatsink and fan that comes with the processor in the retail package. The power supply is one that came with the case, but is a brand that I hadn't heard of and that I can't recall at the moment (so yes, probably a no name). I will not be able to try any fixes until I pick the PC up and bring it home.

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by jasen9506 In reply to New Custom PC won't boot

Also, no beeps or lights.

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by Poettone In reply to New Custom PC won't boot

The first thing I would suspect would the the cpu burning up. It will only take seconds to burn up a cpu with no fan, but it could take a couple hours to burn up if you have low cooling or you did not install fan/cpu correctly i.e heat barrier...

Are you getting anything to power on at all when you try to turn it on? i.e fans, hard drive spinning, cd-rom lights, motherboard/memory lights etc..

If you do not then I would remove the processor and test again. If it powers up then you know you have a shorted cpu.

If it doesn't come on then I would test that you are in fact getting power to the system from the power supply. In this case there are a few ways to do this
A. replace the power supply with another one to test
B. Place a volt meter on the outputs to see if you are getting 12v and 5v respectively.

With those answers we can continue to troubleshoot.

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by jasen9506 In reply to

Everything has power, it just won't post. The hard drive spins, the fans spin (CPU and case), and I've checked the voltages going into the MOBO and they are fine.

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by gameboygeek46 In reply to New Custom PC won't boot

I had the same thing happen it's your psu get a new for about 15 dollars used. Or take your psu appart and check the fuse

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by jasen9506 In reply to

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by willcomp In reply to New Custom PC won't boot

First thing to check. Is motherboard power LED lit? All Gigabyte mobos have an LED indicator that shows 5VDC power is applied to motherboard. LED should be lit when power cord is plugged into power supply.

Disconnnect all signal and power cables from drives. Remove add-in cards, including video card. This is to ensure that a device is not shorting out.

If LED is not lit, power supply or mobo have probably bitten the dust. First thing to do in that case is to swap power supplies.

If not power supply, swap components, starting with memory. Be sure to re-install video adapter for testing unless it was source of problem.

Advice to check CPU is appropriate to rule out CPU failure. A properly installed AMD supplied CPU cooler is more than sufficient to prevent CPU damage. Did you install Gigabyte hardware monitor and set warning and shutdown CPU temps in BIOS? Default settings should prevent CPU destruction.

Post back after you try these steps with results.


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by jasen9506 In reply to

First, there is no power LED on this MOBO. I've searched and can only find a label on the MOBO reading "PWR_LED", but there is no bulb anywhere. I do see a light blink on the ethernet adapter when I first supply power to the MOBO. I have checked the voltages coming from the power supply and they all check out. So the power supply is good.

I've removed all add in cards and drive ribbons, along with the 2 sticks of RAM and still it would not POST.

I did install all Gigabyte software that came with the MOBO before the system crashed.

I've removed the processor and powered the system up but no changes occurred. Still no POST.

I'm thinking the next step would be to test the processor on a different system to see if it was a dud.

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by Poettone In reply to New Custom PC won't boot

So you take out the processor and no post..

I would remove all card/drives from the system and try to boot it up.

If you don't get post then, your mobo is shorted..

I know you don't like the answer but if you have a board with no cards installed /other than needed video and you don't get anything on your monitor you have one of two problems..

1. Bad video card
2 No connection between video card and monitor
3 Bad montior
4 Bad motherboard

Again, Good Luck
All I want to do it help.

Also, give us details on how you checked the power supply? :)

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