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    New Data Network Specialist Please Help


    by shep5_7 ·

    I was recently hired as the Data Network Specialist. Much of my IT experience is in Help Desk which includes HW, SW, and telecommunications; with not much experience in configuring switches or managing LANs I have only watch the Network guys in my previous job and asked them some questions. Are there any books, websites or other such information that I can gather that will help me in my transition?

    FYI: The switches are Black Diamond and Extreme Networks, but we may be going to a new vendor soon possible Foundry, but this is the first that I have heard of either.

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      may want to

      by sprinkl3s ·

      In reply to New Data Network Specialist Please Help

      let your employer know that you’re not right for the position at the current moment. then go out and get some training on that stuff, if its what you wanna do with your career. the worst thing you can do is be in a position where you dont already know atleast the fundamentals of what is to be done, its not good for you (will cause a lot of stress) and is not good for your employer (they lose time and money because of it).

      best of luck to ya.

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        LOL not quite

        by shep5_7 ·

        In reply to may want to

        I never said I was dumb or ignorant. It may a be a bit of a learning curve and a challenge but I don’t think i am over my head. I will admit I was nervous at first but after being here 2 weeks, I realize its going to be a great experience for me. BTW I am taking a Network refresher course and we will get training on the new switches. 😉

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          not sayin

          by sprinkl3s ·

          In reply to LOL not quite

          not saying that your dumb or ignorant, but you should back out of the position for little while and let them contract some of the stuff out while you learn the necessities to what the position required. networking covers such a vast amount of information that you could very well be costing the company more then what your company would pay for a contracted solution, training for you, and your salary would be. they obviously see something in you that they like and think you would make a good candidate for the position, they wouldn’t of given it to you if they didn’t. but dont mess that up by making them think you know what your doing about something, when you really dont know. its the worst thing you can do to an employer.

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          by shep5_7 ·

          In reply to not sayin

          Ok i see where you are coming from, but everything that I wrote in the post i told them. So i didnt hide anything and told them exactly what my previos network experience and they still hired me. And I honestly feel I can and will do the job. Yeah they are not going to outsource they were using ppl in the office to maintain what they had. But I have taken the class to get my Network+ cert but at the time i didnt have the $$ to take the test and my last job would not reimburse me. See I have troubleshooting exp, just not much in configuring switches. Now we are pretty much on the same page and i respect your comment.

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          try this

          by sprinkl3s ·

          In reply to Understandable

          i recommend the products support site as the best place to try and understand a device. especially once you a little familiar with the device. just read and read. also try to get a spare device that you can play with.

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      For a quick hit

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to New Data Network Specialist Please Help

      I like the Sybex books. Look at what other people doing this job have in certs. Network+? Go get the book.

      I like Network+ because it will speak to your existing knowledge base and build on it. There are many really good book lines out there- do some comparison reading.

      Look for a mentor either in your current work role or by networking through SIGs in your area. Ask questions.

      Google “Network Administration”. The result will keep you busy for awhile… Take a look at newsgroups around networking. Strike up a conversation here with JD Clyde or HAL. There are others- those two names came to mind. Go to the Tech Q&A and read through questions posed by peers doing similar work and read the answers they received. Ask questions of your own. Please remember to rate answers and close the question when it is through.

      Be willing to learn and you WILL learn. Good Luck!

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        by shep5_7 ·

        In reply to For a quick hit

        I really appreciate that! Actually I have been reading alot of the post here and other places. They are some training books on Extreme Networks that the previous person left. The only thing is that we are migrating to new switches soon. Which can also be good bc the company is going train us and they have another 5day training that my supervisor is considering.

        Also I did enroll in a Network Admin class, I took the Network+ and A+ class a few years back but didnt ever take the exams. Thanks again.

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        How do you rate ?s and comments?

        by shep5_7 ·

        In reply to For a quick hit

        Where is the function located?

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