New Daylight savings time date and Windows 2000 workstations

By jfp ·
With the change in date for DST this year, MS has put out a patch for XP, but for 2000 Pro unless you have an extended support contract which my company doesn't have you can't get it. My question is since the DST setting is part of the time zone setting on the local workstation, when March 11th rolls around and DST time starts, are my Windows 2000 PC's that won't have the correct date for DST to start adjust the time back an hour because they still think its standard time, or will they sync to the new time and just think thats the time for standard time. In the second case if they accept the new time on March 11th and are advanced by an hour, when the First Sunday in April rolls around and they think it has become DST will they advance an hour ahead of the server time.

I don't have a test environment (yet) so I can't test what will happen, and I would like to be able to plan for what will happen so that I can either try and get extended support for my 2000 pro workstations, or try and convince the accountants that we need to spend the money to get OS upgrades for half the pc's in the company that are at 2000pro still.


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Microsoft has a tool

by oldbag In reply to New Daylight savings time ...

Check this article:
Follow the link for Time Zone Editor (tzedit.exe) for further information.

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That works great for a single workstation

by jfp In reply to Microsoft has a tool

Since that edits a single workstation, but there doesn't seem to be any options to script this and push it across the network. Since manually running this on every workstation is not my idea of fun.

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this article

by lowlands In reply to That works great for a si ...

will also show you that all the tzedit utility does is make some registry changes. it also offers some ways to roll the registry changes to multiple PC's.**4387

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Unofficial Patch for Windows 2000

by support In reply to New Daylight savings time ...

We have created an Unofficial patch that will fix the issue without having to dive into the registry. You can find it here:

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tzmove.exe failed, intelliadmin tool worked perfectly

by elysium12b In reply to Unofficial Patch for Wind ...

Microsoft tzmove.exe tool only worked on 1 out of 16 Win 2000 machines that we have. Since MS tools did not work, I used intelliadmin's unoffical patch, it worked perfectly it's simply a great tool!!! thanks

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intelliadmin are heroes---worked perfectly...

by sjones In reply to Unofficial Patch for Wind ...

...on 2 win 2000 pro workstations and 1 win 2000 server. Im going to use it on the rest of my win 2000 machines tomorrow. It is a free remote installation program. Pretty cool. Worth looking at their other products (fair trade i think!)
Up your's Microsoft. The intelliadmin people probably whipped this up in ten minutes and MS wants you to pay a fortune. Nice.

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Availability of tool for unsupported versions of Windows

by davidlsharpe In reply to New Daylight savings time ...

Thanks for pointing this out. IT professionals worldwide need to be cognizant of the DST2007 problem, especially if your organization, your organizations customers, or your partners have a physical or electronic presence in the United States or Canada. There is a small but growing body of information available online to help address the DST2007 problem. For example, there is a tool available at to help with one of the toughest parts of the problem - unsupported versions of Microsoft Windows.

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