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New DC / No client

By kschild ·
My DC was haveing problems so I did a fresh insall and set up all my client database. My clients can log on to there machines but can not use any of the resorces. I have done a NSLOOKUP and it showes the correct server name and IP address. I can ping from the Clients machine to the server IP. when the Client loges in windows said thay are working off line. (windows XP). I tried to set up a new client on a work station and got a error, Trush Relation Ship. and when i first started the work station i got a duplicat name exist on the network. I did not change any computer names. Any help would be apriciated.

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Fresh install or Gost image?

by john_knickerbocker@altico In reply to New DC / No client

Did you do a fresh install or install from and image? YOur post said that it (Computer) had a dulicate name. This happens when you do a ghost image. You should change the computer Name and chek the SID. I setup my computer names AS (asset tag Number - clients last name) it makes it easy for me to know whos computer I am working on and makes the computer name unique.

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New DC / No client

by aclopez5 In reply to New DC / No client

Is this your only DC? I'm assuming that it is.

You can't just rebuild a domain and expect the clients to accept it. When you create a domain, it creates a domain SID. When you re-create the domain, it create a new domain SID. The clients willreport that the Trust relationship between the client and the domain is broken.

You need to go to each client and remove them from the domain, and then re-add them to the domain. This MIGHT have the side-affect of creating new profiles for your users, which means they'll lose there desktop settings and their My Documents folder will have to be copied from the old profile to the new profile.

Next time you want to rebuild your DC, I would suggest you create a 2nd DC first. That way you don't lose your domain.

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