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New Dell Servers and UPS hookup, how to?!

By truwarrior22 ·
I have 2 Dell blade servers that are about 1 year old. I want to get them hooked up to the APC UPS (700 rackmount model) but im not sure how the server will turn back on in the event of a power loss?

I have the powerchute software but not sure if I should use that or winodws based ups software.

I have no problems getting the server to shutdown, just not sure how to turn the power back one with out actually walking over to the server and pushing the power switch.

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by Dr Dij In reply to New Dell Servers and UPS ...

I think some mbs have option in bios as whether to reboot on power or not, to handle this and come on automatically.

and using a kvm over tcp/ip you should be able to login from your desk and boot them.

there are specialty dial in and ip accessable devices so you could cycle power from home or turn on.

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Found some more info

by truwarrior22 In reply to Bios?

These are the only two options I could find, but I still don't know how the system is going to reboot after the system is shut down. Only thing I can thing of is to have the system shutdown to the "It's not safe to shutdown the PC" and the UPS will cut and restore the power once the power comes back on.

Any other ideas??

Power Button
(Enabled default)

Turns system's power off and on.

If you turn off the system using the power button and the system is running an ACPI-compliant operating system, the system can perform an orderly shutdown before power is turned off.
If the system is not running an ACPI-compliant operating system, power is turned off immediately after the power button is pressed.
The button is enabled in the System Setup program. When disabled, the button can only turn on system power.

AC Power Recovery
(Last default)

Determines how the system reacts when power is restored to the system. If system is set to Last, the system returns to the last power state. On turns on the system after power is restored. When set to Off, the system remains off after power is restored.

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That sounds like it

by Dr Dij In reply to Found some more info

the ac power recovery, just leave it to on.
interesting if you do a shutdown, with this on, does it stay shutdown? then you'd need a computer controlled power bar to cycle power, at which point it would come on based on the setting.

I've also seen options in bios to turn the pc on at a certain time of day also. might be a good backup plan. it could be set for early in AM so if was off would come back on.

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Blade Server

by juan.long In reply to New Dell Servers and UPS ...

If you are running Windows 2003 - I believe the system will reboot itself. I have two non Blade Servers, but running the Windows 2003 Servers and also using APC UPS and on Occasionly we have power outages. Works out very well. Soon, we will be converting over to Blade Servers in a couple of months and I am going to be using APC-UPS systems. Hopefully this will help.

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