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New Development Language: Which One?

By WANToolsMan ·
I need your collective expertise here to help me out with a dilemma that I recently starting thinking about. I am an experienced scripter/programmer, but I need to start learning a new language. I currently know Perl, Shell, and Cold Fusion fairly well. I enjoy web development/programming, so I have considered learning something like PHP or ASP.net. At the same time, I do a lot of scripting on *nix machines for my job, so I have kicked around learning Ruby On Rails or TCL. I have some experience in VB6, so VB.net also appeals to me. As you can see, I have quite the situation here. So, the question I present is this: which of these languages will have the most impact work-wise, and which would be most practical to learn for my home-based endeavors? If the answer is "all", in which order would you recommend? Thanks everyone!

Chris Ivey

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to New Development Language: ...

Pick up .net, through VB or C# and you are halfway to ASP.net as well. Obviously these are of main use in the windows world. 'nix wise can't see what 'extra' you are going to get out of TCL over Perl, unless there's a useful market for the skill.

Given your working in 'nix' and you know the at least the basics of programming, I would have thought Java would be a good bet for you to be quite honest on the straigt programming front. If you've done web stuff on 'nix' with your Perl, PHP should cause you very few problems and Ruby little more.

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