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New DSL connection

By alex555 ·
I recently set up a network which consists of 4 computers and a server. I had a switch and a cisco router connected to my server and to my switch for DSL. No w I changed my ISP and I can't get my same router working on this new ISP. All I did is installed the software for the new ISP on my server and left the connections the way they were. What could be the problem?

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by Jellimonsta In reply to New DSL connection

Invalid static IP assignment?

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by alex555 In reply to

so what would be the solution

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bridging type/circuit type

by LordInfidel In reply to New DSL connection

not every dsl provider uses the same circuit type.
Some use 0, some use 35.

That is probably the problem.

If you call up your tech support, they will tell you that your configuration is unsupported. Tell them you understand that, you just need to know what VPI/VCI circuit type they are using.

Then set your cisco up appropiately.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to bridging type/circuit typ ...

Is this a common problem L.I?.... I have never used DSL myself so I would not have guessed at this kind of problem. It is good to know though.

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sort of

by LordInfidel In reply to

when you don't use the modem supplied by the dsl vendor, you can run into problems.

When I switched from ISP's at my home, I was using a cisco 1600. Well it worked for one provider but did not work for the other.

And since I was not using their modem, they would not support me. I figured out the problem but had to verify what settings they were using.

This most of the time will be a painful process, dsl ISP techsupport.

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by alex555 In reply to sort of

This seems to be exactly what I'm facing, because I'm not using their modem they don't support me, but if I do use their modem it only works on one pc. So what can I do? If I buy a new router and connect their modem to it will it work?

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Actually you have an option

by LordInfidel In reply to Exactly

First, look at the DNS response. See if that is your REAL cause.

Have you tried pinging the default gateway of the PPP connection, from the router?

If you can ping the default gateway then the rest is either NAT/ACL issues or DNS.

(NAT/ACL if you can not ping/trace to the IP of the gateway from a client behind the router)

DNS if you can ping the gateway of the router but not resolve host names.

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router setting

by omie In reply to New DSL connection

You need to change the setting in your router. One of the setting is the circuit dial up, Username and the password for new ISP then check also that NAT setup for your new ISP is giving up either a static IP or dynamic IP.

In the server check the dns setting for your new ISP has different number.

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by alex555 In reply to router setting

So you think if I change the old DNS to the new one, would that work? And Does the new ISP necessarely supply me with a new DNS, which would obligate me to change the old one?

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by LordInfidel In reply to DNS

You need to use the settings that your ISP gives you. Unless of course you have set up your own internal DNS server that can resolve queries from your internal hosts.

Which then you don't need to use your ISP's DNS servers. But if you are using your OLD ISP's DNS servers, then no you will not be able to resolve address'.


Because like all good owners of DNS boxes, they (your old ISP) has their servers locked down as to how can submit recursive requests to it.

That is, "resolve hostnames from zones other then what the server is authoritative for".

So if your IP is not in their authorized recursive user list, your not going to resolve host names. No matter how hard you try.

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