New DVDRom on HP Pavilion ZT1155 not recognised by BIOS

By pickofindia ·
Hi !

I have had to replace my CD/DVD Combo drive on my HP Pavilion ZT1155 as the old drive was spoilt. I bought a new DVDRW drive TEAC DV-W24EW which I have installed in its place. The drive is recognised by windows and works fine in windows. The drive is installing as Secondary Slave. I have tried to re-install many times, but it keeps coming in as secondary slave with PIO Mode only.

The problem is that BIOS does not recognise this drive at bootup and I cannot boot from this drive. I actually bought this drive as I wanted to re-install the original factory software from the recovery CD's.

Trying to change the boot order in BIOS is not helping as it refuses to boot from CD/DVD. The HP Pavilion ZT1155 BIOS does not give us any options for setting IDE channels to select for bootup. Also I have run the eDiagtools software provided by HP at startup and it is showing an error in Optical drive in the preliminary scan, but when I do and advanced scan of the same drive it says drive is okay....?? I am confused.

Does anybody have any suggestions that I can try to fix this.

Thanks in advance.


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OK this is perfectly normal

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to New DVDRom on HP Pavilion ...

But you need to look at the settings on the DVD Drive so that you can boot from it. It should be set to Master on the Secondary Drive Channel and then when you set the boot order if fitted the first should be floppy, then the next should read as Optical and th third & last should read as HDD 0.

So the Master on the Primary IDE Chanel should be the primary Boot HDD and you can set the Optical as a primary Boot drive if you don't have a floppy installed. The reason why you do not see any Optical Drives in BIOS is because they are empty and have no contents at the BIOS Stage of the Load as there are no CD/DVD Drivers installed as yet. They get installed latter in the process and work from that point on.


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How do I set it to Secondary Master

by pickofindia In reply to OK this is perfectly norm ...

Hi Hal,

Thank you for the quick response. My problem is that I have not been successfull in getting this set as Secondary Master. I have tried multiple installs, I have also un_installed the secondary IDE channel in Device Manager and allowed it to re-install but no luck. The DVDRom always installs as Secondary Slave....??

could you please guide me step by step on how this can be set to Secondary Master. If it requires hardware adjustment, then I will have to take it to some qualified technician as I have no experience in opening up the notebook. If it can be done without opening up the notebook, then I would like to request you to please guide me through the steps.

your assistance will be highly appreciated.



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Not a problem but this is Hardware related not software

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How do I set it to Second ...

Depending on your hardware you can either change a jumper setting on both devices on the secondary IDE Chanel or move the drives to different locations on that Lead. When you remove a DVD/CD ROM Drive there is the power connection on the extreme left hand side of the drive then a IDE Lead that comprises of a 40 pin Dual In Line Connector and then a little further to the right there should be a green jumper that can be altered to Master, Slave or Cable Select. The odds are that it's currently on CS and connected to the middle connector of the IDE Lead and as such will be picked up as the Slave Drive on that Chanel. You can either change the IDE Lead around so that it is on the end of the lead and any other drive connected is on the middle connector or hard set the setting by the jumpers to have the DVD Drive jumpered to Master and whatever else is on that Chanel jumpered to Slave.

If the hardware is very new and not an Intel Chip Set you'll have to change the lead connectors around as some of the NVidia IDE channels will not accept anything other than both devices set to Master and then allow the IDE Cable to set which location that they have by the IDE Leads connections. Either Master or Slave with the end connector on the IDE Lead always being the Master Position and the middle connector being the Slave Position.

If you still need help drop me a Peer Mail and I'll try to explain it better.


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