new email scam ?

By jmdusty ·
Have gotten emails in my spam folder from what looks like real message from both UPS and FEDX. Opened first UPS one and thought is a scam so did not click link. Then saw next one was from FEDX so erased both of them. Today just got 2nd one from UPS. I have nothing comming from them. My memory usage went up from 33.50 to 34.51 on my phone, did opening that first one dump something on my phone? I do most all my email on my Casio Brigade via Verizon.

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that's not new . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to new email scam ?

the FEDX, DHL, UPS, etc. malware emails have been around for quite a while now

a quick search for "UPS malware email"
reveals dates from 2008 in the top 10 results

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I doubt that you have malware on your phone

by robo_dev In reply to new email scam ?

The Casio Brigade runs it's own fairly unique operating system, so it cannot get a virus or malware like a Windows PC could.

IF you think that a link in an email did something weird, then maybe you need to clear the browser cache or cookies, but even that is really unlikely.

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I received "UPS" notices on 2 different email sites.

by dldorrance In reply to new email scam ?

The attachment contains a copy of an email addressed to someone I have never heard of. No issue with the computer, perhaps because the OS is Linux.

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