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    new “error” message


    by plasher ·

    Just got a new computer and having a strange problem. I have a website I used on my old computer with windows 98, with no problems.

    Now, when I go to that same website and click on a link I never had trouble with I get a message and link to their website that says ZENDER OPTIMIZER NEEDED for this view. Yet, others I then spoke to bring up the link with no problem. When I go to another affiliates website from the same company, I get the same weird message. Dell tells me the system is fine on my new laptop, and there is no reason I should need that item.

    Anyone have any ideas? If others don’t have that problem, I assume it’s something affecting my computer.

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      by plasher ·

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      Awkward much

      by funkeywoookey ·

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      Well, quick Google search reveals….

      Drumroll please…

      You need Zend Optimizer. =]

      Not really sure why you would need that to view a webpage. It has something to do with optimizing the performance of PHP applications. Click here to be redirected to a login page where you will need to be registered. From there, you should be redirected to the download page for the software.

      If I were you, though, I would upgrade my browser, try another browser, or reinstall your current one if you already have the latest version. I dunno. Just a thought.

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