New GPU isnt displaying but old one is???

By blakis99 ·
I just got a new RX 570 GPU from gigabyte and I go to pop it into my computer an i5 2500 with 16gb ram windows 7 and it isn't displaying anything no keyboard or mouse power comes on. but here is the weird thing when I go to pop in my old GPU an Nvidia 710 ( a piece of ****) it works fine. this is the second 570 I have used because I returned the first one. I have tried a lot of things but I am stuck someone please help

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Depends on the M'Board here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to New GPU isnt displaying b ...

The most obvious answer is have you plugged in the power connector into the Video Card?

These Video Cards draw much more power than what the M'Board can supply so they have their own Power Connector on them which needs to be used or things do not work.

It is also possible that your Power Supply isn't big enough to power both the M'Board and Video Card so the voltages are falling short and below the threashold of allowing the thing to work.

The finial option is that there is a Chip Set Conflict between the Video Card and M'Board and if that is the case here that type of Video Card will simply not work with that M'Board.

So the short answer here is What is the Model of the M'Board?

The Make and power Rating of the Power Supply?

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