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New Graduate

By ToddFawver ·

I just recently graduated and I am now looking for a job. I am worried because I feel like I haven't kept the information that I learned while in school and never really had hands on experience while there. I am, however, a quick learner and I feel like I could catch on after I'm hired.

My question is: How much in IT is actually hands on, on the job training and how much do I need to rely on what I learned during school? If I have forgotten different aspects of what I learned; how quickly will it come back to me or does it even matter since OJT and hands on experience is such a large indicator. Is thinking that I have forgotten what I've learned all in my head? Is it normal?



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by ARandomPenguin In reply to New Graduate

So you want a job in the fast growing and competitive IT field but you'd forgotten most, if not all, of what youve learnt in school and you're wondering if what you've learnt in school is infact of any relevance? (clarify)

My advice, read up and try to jog your memory by lurking IT forums and stuff and when you start the job dont see it as jsut a job, its your livelihood.
oh and dont panic, some people can rarely recall on command but when the time comes you'll know what to do...most likely. if not ask for help.

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by ToddFawver In reply to okay

No, I feel like I know nothing. It's a strange feeling. It's hard to explain. I graduated with a 3.4 GPA - so I did my work and did it well. Maybe it's nerves.

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by ARandomPenguin In reply to New Graduate

You need to be confident. try giving yourself tasks and trying to do them. that will either convince you that you can actually do the task or it'll help you refresh your memory.
nerves can be a B*_&h

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Hi Todd

by Varun777 In reply to New Graduate

Just brush up the "basic"" technical concepts you've learnt. This will help you in facing the interviews with confidence. Once you get through the interview and get into the job, trust me, you'll be taken to the next level in terms of the technologies used there. This is where, "quick learning", "analytical skills" and "ability to think on your feet" comes into play. It is great to know that you are a quick learner and this quality will help you to grasp things easily.

So, as of now, just focus on the basics and get into the right and your "dream job". And most importantly, keep your hopes high.

All the best.

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