new hard drive

By jimpm98 ·
I currently have an old drive as C and a new drive as D. How can I make the D drive my new C and eliminate the old C?

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Sounds simple

by Kiltie In reply to new hard drive

If on the same cable:
Swap the positions of the two HDs, remembering to adjust the jumpers accordingly, making your old drive D as master (was slave) and your old drive C as slave (was master)

If on different IDE channels, there should be no need to change jumper settings, just swap drives, unless the position on the cable is being changed.

For example if the C was at the end of a cable, and D was in middle of the other one.
Even so, it still depends on what the jumper settings were, they may have been cable select.

In either case, just swapping the drives and setting jumpers accordingly should work.

Of course, you will now probably have to install a OS on the drive now in the "C" position, if there wasn't one before.

CAVEAT: Be careful you don't lose any data you want, make backups first.

EDIT: I'm assuming you want to keep the old C drive as a secondary drive, very useful that ;-)

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First BACKUP everything that is important

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to new hard drive

Them once you have a solid backup that has been checked use a utility like Boot & Nuke to wipe both HDD's it's available here


Once you have completely erased both HDD all you need do is to remove the original C Drive and replace it with the existing D Drive making sure that you have changed any jumpers to the correct settings. If the second drive is a SATA Drive you can just leave it where it was and then proceed to install your OS to it as well as your software.

If you have a SATA Drive you may need the SATA/RAID Drivers depending on who it was that made your system to allow you to install the OS.

What you Can Not do is just switch the drives around and expect them to work or even remove the C Drive and expect the D Drive to work without a problem as there are some files written into the Root of the current C Drive that are required to allow the system to boot no matter where the OS is located.

Once you have your OS/Drivers/Software installed you can then replace your data from your backup. For your Documents you can just copy across without a second thought and the same applies to your Favourites List. But if you are using Outlook/Outlook Expresses you will need to import your E-Mail in to your program and the same applies to your Address Book.

If you have Encrypted your files you'll need to back them up in Unencrypted format or save your Encryption Key following the directions of who ever supplied the encryption program, if it was M$ the directions are here



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