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By derrick3131 ·
I have Toshiba Satellite laptop and my hard drive crapped out on me, when I turn it on the hard drive starts clicking and that's about as far as it goes. I'm planning on buying a replacement hard drive, an exact replacement, no upgrades but the computer didn't come with a Windows 7 disk. I have the Windows 7 product key and that's it. If I pop in the new hard drive will the product key be enough to reinstall windows or is there more I need to do? Thanks.

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No just replacing the HDD will not be sufficient

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to New Hard Drive Windows 7 ...

You'll also need to contact Toshiba and purchase a Recovery Set to load the OS and then all you'll need is the Windows Product Key.

However if you had some form of M$ Office installed separate from the newly supplied NB then you'll need the Install Media and Product Key for that and any other software as well that was installed after you bought the NB.


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should be simple.

by dude714 In reply to New Hard Drive Windows 7 ...

nothing major, but oh smeg was right. toshiba will give you a recovery disc(s) for your computer, just have to call and give them some info and a bit of cash.

i could do it in my sleep, super simple process, just time consuming because of installing windows 7. but the good news is windows 7 is the fastest installation between 7, vista and xp. also, good idea to have the service pack downloaded from microsoft and installed on dvd or flash drive. makes the process even simpler because you do not have to wait on a download or for windows update to install.

oh, and look up your drivers on toshiba's site, and have them on a dvd or flash drive. these steps will make it a fairly painless install.

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by judjodie In reply to New Hard Drive Windows 7 ...

Yes that is it and remember to regester THE WINDOWS.

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