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New hard drive won't recognize total capacity

By dsenseman ·
I am trying to install a new SATA hard drive in my Windows XP laptop. I purchased a 320 GB Hitachi drive to replace a 100 GB hard drive. I had some trouble with the cloning process and reformatted the new drive. Now the drive only shows 97 GB. I have reformatted the drive again with the same result.

What steps do I need to take to get the full capacity of the drive to be recognized.

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This is quite possible depending on what you are using to

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to New hard drive won't reco ...

Format the drive. Older M$ Formatting utilities have a upper limit. For that matter even the current Formatting Utility in Vista has a upper limit on the drives it can be used to format.

With XP you need to first wipe the partition Tables with something like Boot & Nuke to give the system a blank HDD to address.


Continuning to format an existing partition will only format the existing partition not the actual full size of the HDD.

Now if you are attempting to Format this with the Original Version of XP it has a 127 GIG Upper Limit. If you want to format all of a 320 GIG HDD you need a different utility to format with. If you have a M$ Branded XP install Disc you can Slipstream SP2 to the Disc with these Instructions


Download a PDF File of the same thing from here to use


Or use nLite to do the same thing


If you use nLite make sure that you read the directions listed under Guides on their Web Site here


You'll need a copy of the SP2 Files so if you have a CD of SP2 for XP you can use that along with your XP Install Disc and if you have any special drivers you can include these as well.

When you next start your Computer with the Slipstreamed Disc that you have made you will be able to access all of the HDD for Formatting, but if you have not removed the existing partition you'll need to create another partition and format that after you have loaded XP or you'll need to restart the Install Procedure again to format the second Partition and if you do it will become the C Partition. If you don't want this to happen you'll need to format the Second Partition First then restart the Install process before Windows Starts to load and format the primary Partition on the second Restart of the Windows Installer.


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