New hardrive; Can I still use my Restore DVD?

By Margaret64083 ·
I had my hard drive go out on one of our laptops so I had a friend install a new one for me. That laptop was running on Win XP Home. The guy that worked on it teaches computers in a local tech school and I felt confident in his abilities. Since this laptop is not used a lot, I got it out and started working on it a week ago (hard drive replaced in Jan 09). This fellow installed Win XP Professional. When I went to update windows, etc, I got a notice that this was not a legit copy of Win XP Professional. Here is my question: Can I just go back and use my original Restore DVD that came with my computer; even though the hard drive has been replace? Will my computer recognize that this is a new hard drive and not allow me to do this? I am not going to fool with this guy; since his answer was only to go to a link and get around this error. I don't need the headache of dealing with a pirated copy of Windows. I don't need anything as elaborate as Win XP Professional anyway.


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I believe so

by jck In reply to New hardrive; Can I still ...

I believe Windows XP Home is a per processor license to you. As long as the central computer hardware (CPU, BIOS) hasn't changed, it should install.

You might have to do a format. I'm not sure, as I don't know the brand and level of your restore software.

Good luck.

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New hardrive; Can I still use my Restore DVD?

by balge In reply to New hardrive; Can I still ...

shouldn't be a problem, you will need to format and fresh install of Home so back up any data you want first

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Yes you can, maybe

by SKDTech In reply to New hardrive; Can I still ...

Provided that everything is on the DVD it should restore with no problems. However if the disc relies on a recovery partition that was on the original Hard Drive then you will need to contact the manufacturer of the laptop in order to get a Windows install disc as it is highly unlikely that your friend tried to recover the original partitions from the original drive if he installed a pirate copy of XP Pro on your system.

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