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By midlevel techie ·
I want to ghost an 80gig HD to a 250gig HD. Can I do this without losing the extra 170gig?

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by jck In reply to New HD

Norton Ghost will restore your image to the 250GB drive without affecting non-used space.

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by midlevel techie In reply to Yes

Thanks for the response.

I've used Norton Ghost a couple times, do i need to do anything different with the partitions.

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Not totally sure

by jck In reply to Partition?

No problem.

Last I used Ghost was V9. it may have changed. Not sure. I use Acronis True Image Home now, because it's done Linux and Windows partition backups longer than Norton Save and Restore (which is what Symantec sold me once saying it would, then wanted me to pay for the upgrade to Ghost 12 or something? I just went to a different software vendor.)

If it works the same way:

You ghost the partition and it creates a bootable image.

When you put the new drive in and boot, you booted from a disc (used to be a CD...could be DVD now).

When it boots, you can load the thing and it used to create the partition on the hard drive.

Like I said, if it works the same it create the partition necessary for your drive image by default.

You should be able to find more detailed information at Symantec's site.

Good luck with it.

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I used to do this

by dpalsen In reply to Not totally sure

I used to do it all the time at my last job using Norton Ghost, and never lost a byte of data, and always was able to see the entire partition when I was finished.

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by IamL3G3ND In reply to New HD

You'll be fine, just restore the image, the rest of the HD space will just appear as free space on your primary partition, u can re partion it later

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