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New Helpdesk Analyst

By EMJ65 ·
While I'm a new helpdesk analyst, I'm not new to the world of technical support, in fact, I had been doing desktop support prior to this position. My issues are not technical in nature, but more managerial.

As the only helpdesk analyst for this company, I am responsible for all the tickets that come through into our helpdesk software (we use ProjecTrak, which is a Notes database). Having never used this software before, I initially found it cumbersome to use, but got the hang of it. Now I'm realizing that the "Categories" within the software don't truly suit our needs, and were just randomly added when a ticket was created. I think that we have too much information in the Categories and the subfields underneath, and would like to pare it down a bit.

Essentially, we have a Categories field, then a Subcategories field, then an Item field. In addition there is a Problem Summary and Description field to elaborate on the issue or request. I've been attempting to change the categories to make them easier to manage come data gathering time, but have been unsuccessful in completing this task. Our project manager suggested that I sit down and write out all the Categories/Subcategories/Items in a chart of sorts, and go from there. This is all well and good, but I'm concerned about missing something.

I figure I can start with the general categories of Hardware, Software, Network, Internet, but when it comes time to choose subcategories and items underneath is when I get bogged down. Is there any kind of format anywhere I can follow which would make this task doable? Thank you.

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Data administration needed.

by DC_GUY In reply to New Helpdesk Analyst

If you're experienced in technical support, you should be able to review the current categorization and check the distribution of tickets among them, and use that to determine how to build a better structure.

But beyond that you will surely need to administer the data by adding and collapsing categories, so you'll have to keep that feature. What you need is guidelines on the process of data administration for the ticket database so it doesn't once again become chaotic.

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You have found the source

by philospher In reply to New Helpdesk Analyst

Techrepublic has a download section with a help desk trouble ticket. This should help you begin to build a good database.

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