New Home Build PC not starting

By ruchirbpatel ·

I have built this PC (config is at the end). Once i built i managed to turn my PC On with PNY 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz/533MHz/400MHz. It didnt start with the memory i have listed in my config (that is the one actually i bought first but couldnt get my PC to run back on it). Once i started my PC i tried putting my COR TWIN2X memory in this new PC and i twicked memory voltage, etc to get it to work. My PC stop working and now i can not even start with the PNY memory. Now when i put two memory PC start but BIOS is failing to load because nothing shows up on the screen. I am going to left my PC without battry and power in hope that BIOS gets reset overnight. But i dont think this will slove the problem. Any help is appricieted.


PC Configuration:
GPU: Two VGA EVGA 512-P3-N801-AR 8800GT 512M
CPU: INTEL|C2E QX6850 3G 65N 8M R
Memory: MEM 1Gx2|COR 240P TWIN2X2048-6400C4
H Primary: HD 150G|WD 10K 16M SATA WD1500AHFD
Secondary: HD 750G|WD 7K 16M SATA2 WD7500AAKS
SoundCard: SDCD CREATIVE|70SB046A00003 X-Fi RT
Power Supply: PSU CM|RS-A00-EMBA 1000W RT

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Bios Config

by dazeboy79 In reply to New Home Build PC not sta ...

You may just need to reset your BIOS. Try this by moving jumpers next to CMOS battery or you can just remove the battery itself from the mobo for about 30 sec. Good Luck! Keep us posted.

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Couple of things to check

by mjd420nova In reply to New Home Build PC not sta ...

Besides the previous clearing of the CMOS and getting to the BIOS default, which would be assured by removing the CMOS battery and shorting the plus and minus for 30 seconds to insure all the capacitors get drained, a good meter should be placed on the power supply to be sure it is working as it should within the ranges you selected. A really common problem with new builds is the shorting of the power supply by misalignment of the hold down screws and standoffs. Some require insulating washers between the MOBO and the standoff to prevent shorts but they can get skipped or dislodged. In my new builds I replace the standoffs with nylon or plastic ones and use plastic screws on the top side of the board to prevent any shorts there. One clue was the tweaking of the memory voltages to get an intermittent boot, possibly the memory connector plastic hold down clips are broken or the plastic supports are cracked. Good luck

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it worked

by ruchirbpatel In reply to New Home Build PC not sta ...


guys thanks for the feedback, with bios reset i was able to get my PC up and running. Starting my pc without the bios jumper did the trick for me.

I still have to figure out why TWIN2X memory doesnt work but PNY 5300 works.


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