New IE Virus?

By NateLANman ·
I received perhaps the strangest e-mail from an end user over the past few days and have been slightly baffled how to fix it.

A user states that when she opens up Internet Explorer, when she types anything into the browser, the reverse of what she types appears...For example, if she were to go to "", it would appear "moc.cilbuperhceT" in her browser. Apparently, this is the only application that is affected.

She runs a virus scan and nothing is detected. I still think it's a virus, but without a clear understanding of what is going on, I suggest that the next time she is in the office, I re-install IE and in the meantime she use Firefox.

Today, she sends another e-mail stating that the problem has "mysteriously" gone away and everything appears fine.

Needless to say, this doesn't exactly make me feel any better.

Has anyone heard of this sort of thing happening? And, will re-installing IE fix the problem?

Thanks as always,

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by wesley.chin In reply to New IE Virus?

It sounds like a prank program had been installed on the machine...highly likely if the machine is a laptop and is taken out of the office.

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April Fools?!

by NateLANman In reply to hm

And right around April Fools day would make sense. But to be on the safe side, I'll probably re-install IE at the very least. As far as I know, she doesn't have any kids that would be able to do something like that...unless kids these days can install pranks at 5!

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Maybe the April Fool's joke was aimed at YOU. ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to April Fools?!

You were a 'recipient' after all. :)

Then the problem "went away ..."

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Sounds like a joke to me as well

by Dumphrey In reply to New IE Virus?

Open IE and verify its typing everything backwards. Then open task manager and verify each process. You may want to download hijackthis! to check in better detail for processes and alternate data streams.
hijackthis log analyzer:

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