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New install of Win2k as BDC in NT domain

By jeep4jb ·
I just installed a new server with Windows 2000 Server and would like to run it as a BDC in a NT4 domain. I tried running dcpromo but it's looking for an AD. Let me know if this is possible as I can't find anything on it. Thanks!

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Run the dcpromo after the 2000 install and when it asks for a domain name, type in the NETBIOS name instead of " type "DOMAINNAME". The new server will have to have WINS running. Unfortunately, it will become the PDC because of the higher OS level in the browser election. Your old PDC will still function and you can demote the 2000 server at any time. This will not affect NT4 communication. Just make sure you check the box at first that says something like "Make this server a domain controller in an existing domain".

This will allow you all the benefits of Ad but still keeping your old NT4 Domain boxes intact.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to New install of Win2k as B ...

Nope, you can't do this.
A Win2K (or Win2K3) server CANNOT be a domain controller in an NT4.0 domain.
So, if you still run a NT4 PDC, then no Win2K domain controllers.
You would need to upgrade the NT4 PDC to Win2K first, THEN you could add your new Win2K server, run DCPROMO on it, and then it could be a 2nd domain controller.

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by info-man- In reply to New install of Win2k as B ...

Answer 2 is correct. You can not do a fresh install of W2K on a server as a Domain Controller without having it ask you about Active Directory. You can go ahead and install AD on it if you want. However, it will seize control away from the NT4 PDC. The NT4 box will still function, but it will not be in control. No problems in doing this, ... it just depends on your reasons for keeping your NT4 box as a PDC. If you want to maintain your NT4 box as the master, then you will have to upgrade it first as stated in Answer 2.

Answer 1 is mostly incorrect.

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