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New Install XP Pro can't get internet

By NLane126 ·
I recently installed XP Pro on a Dell computer, everything loaded fine . I have cable (Roadrunner) and after setting up computer I can't get on the net. I click on Network conections Lan /High Speed and status it shows activity in and out showing sent and received. But I can't get on when I click on internet explorer, can't log on. The I check and do have the firewall off so that's not the issue. I just download winsock repair on my other computer to see if that get it to work but not sure what is going on any ideas. Thanks

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to New Install XP Pro can't ...

Is your PC connected directly to the cable modem? Check if your PC has been allocated an IP address:

Go to the Local Area Connection Status. General shows you the number of incoming and outgoing packets. Click Support. You should see the external IP address, allocated by your ISP (if your PC is connected directly to the modem) and the default gateway, in your ISP's network.

Click the button Details. Is there an entry for DSN Servers?

If you have a router between your PC and the cable modem, it is a slightly different matter. Then your PC will need an internal IP address in the range e.g. and the gateway will be the internal IP address of your modem. Additionally, the DNS server address could be that of your modem, assuming that the DNS proxy server in the cable modem has been activated.

I do not know the Roadrunner environment. Did your modem come with a setup CD?

Usually it is possible to use the browser to access the admin interface in the cable modem. One of the options will then tell you what the connection status of the modem is.

If the login name and the password are not right, you can still see the number of packets increase.

Last, but not least, RTFM (read the manual) and speak to the helpline of your ISP.

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by NLane126 In reply to

Thanks, I fugured it out

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by NLane126 In reply to New Install XP Pro can't ...

Roadrunner comes in from a cable that runs a router, the weird this is this is the second computer that I put XP Professional on and I installed them the same way but the Dell is the only one that I can't get online, the other weird thing is when I go to local Area connection the number packets received at almost 10 times the amount sent. I might just have to replace the Network Adapter, because the numbers shouldn't be higher than sent, but all light flashing, doesn't mean anything except its not christmas. lol

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by NLane126 In reply to New Install XP Pro can't ...

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