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    New Internet Explorer 7


    by sherrys ·

    Are there any known applications that the new release will not be compatable with? We have a couple of web-based programs. We also have automatic updates turned on. I am trying to avoid multiple problems after the update if possible.

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      by sherrys ·

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      User Agent String

      by thechas ·

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      Microsoft has a FAQ for IE 7 that alludes to known issues with some web sites not working with IE 7.

      There answer is a utility to make IE 7 look like IE 6 to the web site.

      Check out the listed FAQ’s here:

      I’m not running any web based applications, but I also have not run into any IE 7 specific issues with web sites I visit.

      I suggest you pick a machine / user and try IE 7 on it. Make sure to set a restore point before installing IE 7.

      See how it works for this machine and then decide if you need to install the IE 7 block on other machines.

      Remember, IE 7 is only supposed to install on PCs running Windows XP with Service Pack 2, XP 64 bit, and Server 2003.

      Any other version of Windows OS should still be running IE 6.


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      by kiltie ·

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      You cannot install IE7 without installing “Rights Management” add on

      So I found out….

      and that is not available unless M$ thinks you have a genuine Windows
      So with WGA rearing it’s ugly head, you can be stuck.
      It’s all part of a “genuine customer experience”

      Go Linux or Mac, stay away from these Nazis

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