new internet threats

By bigboy_ity ·
are there other threats like who does the same damage?

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New Internet Threats

by Grey Hat Geek In reply to new internet threats

The SANS Internet Storm Center will give you a good overview of what is going on out there. Symantec also maintains alot of research on new internet threats.

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they'll spread

by Dr Dij In reply to new internet threats

like recent exploit that tries 10+ ways to get to your system when you visit the website. several were zero-day (unpublished, unpatched).

My problem is the proliferation of 'garbage sites'. You've probably seen them yourself in google (or yahoo) search results. these are sites with meaningless jumble of 'catch phrases' and google, yahoo (& most of the others) are too stupid to skip indexing for.

So hapless victim doesn't read the excerpt but clicks on the link and gets root-kitted (if they are not locked down enuf or patched enuf or sometimes regardless if unpatched vulnerability). While some search engines test for downloads, some sites only infect certain IP's visiting them, to avoid being classified as spyware page.

Ad rotators are known to serve up infections also and they appear on ads on legitimate pages.

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