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New job. But sad...

By sbar ·
Hello everybody.
It's not a question, just some feelings about last week.
I've found a new job. I must be a luckiest girl-sysadmin in my city because a girl-sysadmin is a NONSENCE HERE. I don't know why but most of people believe that "chicken is a not a
bird and woman is not a systems administrator". (I don't live in US, Canada, Australia or Western Europe.) Well, maybe I'm not sysadmin, or .... Seems these stereotypes don't work for me :)

But, it was the heaviest week in this year, I think. After getting this job offer I was thinking and thinking and thinking ... It was
difficult to leave factory. IT team in this company is really strong and friendly. But they are in headquarter in another city and I'm here. And I worked with this stupid former marine officer - director of factory and my boss (now - former boss, at last).

Last working day on factory was Friday 9, and on Monday I've started my new job. And On Monday I've got a first call from factory - "please,
we didn't have electrical energy on weekend and now something doesn't work, internet doesn't work, and e-mail as well. You MUST come and
improve everything". Well, how to explain to this STUPID DONKEY that servers will not work stable without UPSes in such unstable situation with electrical energy (well, I tried to explain it to him during all 7 months of my work for company. ) and I can't do anything else. Ok, I was too weak to agree to come to factory Monday evening to improve everything. But next days I've got many calls - this man again asked me to come to factory and improve something else. No, thanks, it's not my job anymore.

Well, now, I think he doesn't think about admin like about lazy person, who is only chatting via ICQ and reading e-mail. I think it'll be a good lesson for such "director". Despite him, all members of IT department were really sorry about my leaving and wished me luck :) Actually I've explained real reasons of my decision to my IT
manager and as he said - "your director had to listen MANY really unpleasant words from general manager of company". Well,
there is a truth in this life :))))

If to speak about present job - not bad :) Not so far from home, free service bus, daily cheap lunch and 50% more salary.

But I would never leave this company if this "director" wasn't so stupid saving money on essential equipment, asking me to do completely not my job (receive phone calls like secretary or work on factory like usual worker, because "we don't have enough workers today") etc. Sad, but THIS IS A LESSON.

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Good story

by stress junkie In reply to New job. But sad...

There's no reason to be sad. The company that you left didn't appreciate you until you were no longer available. If you leave a job because nobody listens to you and you know that you are correct then you can see their cries for help after you leave as a lesson for them, as you state in your last sentence. In my career I've learned to folow the money and never look back. Your employers aren't loyal to you. Once you leave for a better opportunity then just forget the old job.

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