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By Steviejay ·
After months of searching I've finally been offered a job with a Testing Company close to where I live. I went for the interview and it went very well. However the interview was less talking about my possible role if I got the job and more what seemed to me to be an attempt to psychoanalyse (sp??) me, to pick me apart to see if I'm suitable for the job, in the whole interview no mention of a role or responsibilities was mentioned.

I didn't complain at the time because I was simply trying to sell myself but now they've offered me a position as a 'Junior Test Analyst' and although elated at the prospect of a job in IT (my first since graduating) and also the prospect of a wage that doesn't come from a Supermarket, I'm feeling rather unsure about what they will ask of me.

The job is pretty slick. They have 5 positions to fill so they go out, hire 5 suitable candidates and the first 2 months or so are spent teaching the candidates testing, eventually resulting in all of the 5 being ISEB qualified (or is it ISTQB.... one or the other) so essentually no IT experience is required, so I feel I've got one up on the other 4 but I'm still not sure about what they'll be teaching us.

My limited experience with testing in the past comes to a few user testing of various games and any programs I made at uni I had to test. Can someone enlighten me as to what a Junior test Analyst would do? will it involve alot of programming cause if it does I'm boned, coding and I don't get on too well...

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by onbliss In reply to New Job Expectations

It all depends.....on several factors :-) Here is an overview to give you an idea:

There are different testing phases and companies usually have a suite of tests that fit their business needs (sometimes they are inadequate). Some of the words that you might here are: Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing and QA testing.

Unit testing is (and has to be) done by the developers. As far as the other testing goes, the developers might work with the Testers on some of the other testing. QA testing is usually the sole responsibility of the testers. The testers work with the Business on the Beta testing.

Testing can be manual or automated. With the manual testing, the tester tests the system without any external system's aid. They work just based on the test cases. As the name implies, it is manual: they have to execute each test case manually. In this case there is no coding involved.

Test automations usually involve writing test scripts. I have seen testers writing complex scripts to test the system. They done a programmer's hat briefly. The complexity of the system would be a good factor to judge how complex the test suites have to be.

Happy testing :-))))

ps: I have used the word "usually" many times :-), because I have worked in environments that had good QA department, and ones that had none.

Disclaimer: I am not a tester, I am developer. What I said afore is based on my observations & experiences as a developer.

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