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New job, new challenges! HELP!!

By markcconcept ·
Having recently been employed for my CAD skills, I am finding that my (fairly good) knowledge of computers is being called upon in the office. The biggest problem I have come across is Back Ups.
We have a server PC, with a hard drive thats been partitioned 3 ways. 'C:' being the OS, 'D:' being the Back Up drive, and 'D:' being the constantly accessed Data drive. It has a 3mmDDS tape drive installed which I have been attempting to get to grips with. So far I have managed to get manual, daily Back Ups to work, but have had no luck whatsoever with Scheduled Back Ups. Tho the wizard seems to do what I ask, the Back Up's constantly fail to start. Any advice?
Secondly, I have just tried doing a temporary Restore to one of the other office PC's, (if only to see if it works!). I can't do a test Back Up to the original location, for fear of losing whats been done, AND the distinct lack of space! In doing this, I find it'll take up to 105 DAYS to back up!! Any help here??
Finally, does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can do regular Back Ups faster and more efficiently? We are now looking at possibly getting a DVD Writer/Re-Writer, with re-writable DVD's, and manually burning EVERYTHING each evening.
I hasten to add that the Data we need to save on a regular basis amounts to, in the region of, 4gig.
As always, any help, whatsoever, would be GREATLY appreciated!!
Finally, a message for Donovan Marsden, if you're out there : GET IN TOUCH!!!

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by Jaqui In reply to New job, new challenges! ...

back up scedule:
user documents -> daily
complete system -> weekly
complete network ->weekly

for the user documents, fastest is to manually burn to cd, using rewritables, and not fixating.
archive the documents and burn the archive to cd.

tape drives are slow, it's the nature of the beast.
for rapid backups going to either dvdrw or cdrw.

if you use one cdrom to back documents up for a week, then use a dvd to back the system up weekly and another to back the entire network up it will work faster and be easiest.
daily document archives should have dates in the names.
weekly updates also.
archiving can be on a per person / workstation basis or the day.

back each workstation up completely weekly.
same method

all backups have to be done when office is closed.
backing up during active hours is a wasste of time.

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by zlitocook In reply to New job, new challenges! ...

Which BU software are you using? I have used three so far and Veritas is the best. I still like tape backups because you can tons of data 40 to 80 gig if compressed. Now the bad part read the documentation and go to thier web site and read all the FAQs listed.I have been through the same thing as a contractor, you learn as you go along and remember what you learn. Computers are easy its the people part thats hard

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by glyall In reply to New job, new challenges! ...

Jaqui has giving good answers.

Think about this option
use a hot swap hard drive setup for your backups.
You can have several hard drive for this.
It would be faster than DVDs/Cds and hold several months of backups on each hard drive. Depending on the amount of data you are backing up.

Are you going to be there to change the DVDs/CDs if your backups use move than 1 disk

Remember than more data is stored on a server's hard drive the more you have to backup weekly/monthly.

Is your boss going to pay you overtime for backing up the data nightly/weekly/monthly.

External USB hard drive are also available if you can can use hot swap.

Good Luck

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by donmars In reply to New job, new challenges! ...

Hey Marc!!!
Not sure why you cannot complete scheduled backups. Did you check Event Viewer for clues? Provided you are using Windows OS. You problem is automating your backups I believe, but the answers seem to miss that. Maybe you could try an alternate, cheap solution. Check this shareware product, try before you buy. The price is right at $30.00 too. What operating system is the server running? For some comprehensive "homework" check this site Are your permissions intact? Administrator or Backup Operator? Very important, is the "Task Scheduler service" running? Type services.msc in the run box and check that it is started and on automatic. I will be in touch by email marc.

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